Your Personal Freedom Declaration

Greetings my name is Charles,

And welcome to 2021.

I want you to get serious about your business, so that I can be responsible for your success and get an amazing testimonial from you by the end of the year, that I can share with the world.

Here’s how we are going to do that…

Today, I am going to ask YOU to make a Personal Freedom Declaration


It’s three things.

#1. Your Goal For 2021

#2 Leads & Money = Freedom

#3 Public Declaration

Lets walk through the goal setting process now, you will need to take action by the end of this post in order to be successful in 2021.

STEP #1 — Your Goal For 2021.

— Set a realistic goal for yourself, for example, if I was just starting out in this business, I might set the very achievable goal of $100,000 dollars in commissions earned with my business.

To create that, you’d need a list of about 10,000 subscribers. That’s about 800 subscribers per month or about 25 leads per day. After you earn a 1,000 Leads, this should be your next goal. A list of 10k subs will be able to generate you a six figure income, if you work it.

In our first year, 6 people achieved that milestone. Will you be the next one?

STEP #2 — Leads & Money = Freedom

— The infrastructure to your success is already in place. You just have to move leads through the system. That’s literally all you must do. As that happens a certain % of them will convert into money, and a certain % of those initial buyers will ascend and buy high ticket from you.

Your only job should be to show your opt in page to more human beings. You can do that easier and faster with buying an ad from TA Traffic. Or, if you cannot afford that yet, you should use a website that gives you access to half of the world’s population, that’s over 4 billion people and its called Facebook.

This is not a glamorous answer, but but if you cannot afford the traffic yet, the system still works, but you just have to go out there and get all your leads one by one. that means individually approaching people online and showing them your opt in page. If you are broke, this is what you need to do until you earn enough money from your business to buy big traffic packs. The money is right here, but will you do whatever ti takes to get it?

STEP #3 — Public Declaration

— You will make a Facebook post on your wall, publicly declaring your goals for 2021 and that you will do whatever it takes to achieve them. here is an example…





I Your Name, hereby publicly declare that I will achieve financial freedom in and by the end of the year 2021 through the means of leveraged list building, daily lead generating, daily email broadcast, digital product sales and high ticket traffic commissions. I declare that that I will do everything in my power each day to move myself closer to the goal clearly listed below. I am dedicated 100% to my success and I take 100% responsibility for the results I generate in life.


I will generate 25 leads per day

I will generate 800 leads per month

I will generate 10,000 leads by 2022

I will generate $300 dollars per day

I will generate $10,000 dollars per month

I will generate $100,000 dollars per year

I personally guarantee that I will achieve these results by any means necessary. If I fail to achieve my results one day, I will make up for it by achieving the following day’s goal, knowing that consistency is by far the biggest factor in my success. I am ready to become a 6 figure earner with my business.