TRAFFIC. It’s the lifeblood of ALL internet marketing and I’ll teach you how to generate the highest quality traffic available.


I recommend you test the kind of traffic or leads you’re comfortable with and then scale up as your business grows.

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Don’t over think it or over complicate it.

Run a real business.

Decide on a monthly, responsible marketing budget and order traffic consistently.

Your internet business needs leads and traffic.

Work the numbers.

Traffic and Leads is the Life Blood of Your Online Business. Get lazy here and your business gets REKT, period. Some people love leads. Some people love traffic. Some people get both. It’s all up to you.

There are no “hard rules” about this stuff other than, be consistent and share your message (lead capture page) with people all the time. As your business grows and you refer your team to your traffic sources, the commissions help you offset the cost of your own traffic and actually “paid traffic” then becomes another “silent” income stream for you.

VIRAL TRAFFIC SOURCE: Instantly Become a SOURCE OF TRAFFIC to the Entire Affiliate Marketing Space – and Build a Massive Stream of Consistent, Quality Buyer Traffic that Builds Your Targeted Prospect Email List Like an Oil Pipeline

As an affiliate marketer you’re going to need to invest in driving quality traffic into your internet systems and you need to be building your buyer list daily at all times.

If you’re going to have to be a user and generator and consumer of quality traffic to build your business, you may as well also become a source of traffic, sell traffic, automate the process of creating and selling traffic and making multiple cash flow streams from traffic anyway – it’s a logical, smart business decision to make.

Use this automated traffic leverage system. I use it daily and it builds my quality email list from the efforts of others and creates multiple cash flow streams all from this one automated funnel system. Review the whole thing and position yourself to have it work for you.

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MyLeadGenSecret. For affiliate marketers. This simple but smart lead generation and email list building system sends you up to 200 leads daily for just $30 per month plus then it also sends you even more leads as the affiliate army being built under you uses it too. Other people’s leverage sends you even more leads.

Builds your email list.

Mail any affiliate offer you want.

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Traffic4Me: Email marketing traffic for affiliate programs in the biz op niche.

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AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC SYSTEM: Autopilot Targeted Traffic Sent Directly to Your Offer. Click below to review.

Clicks To Profits: Generate Unlimited Traffic to your business using FREE TRAFFIC

Infinity Mailer Boost: Earn Traffic Credits and Revenue Share Cash Daily

Viral Lightning: Free Software Generates Passive Online Income

Surf To Cash Formula: How To Turn Your Online Surfing To REAL CASH

EVERYBODY’S ADDICTED TO THEIR SMART PHONE! Why not have your message sent directly to them on their phone and generate daily smart phone leads to your offers?


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There is nothing complicated about getting traffic.

Everyone in the internet marketing arena and home based business space needs, buys and is always seeking: TRAFFIC.

Without traffic, your business dies.

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1. Traffic Authority: Create Your Free Account And Start Getting Traffic Today

2. List Leverage: Automated Traffic Leverage System

3. Trafficforme – Email Solo Ads. “Done For You” solution.
They send traffic direct to your lead capture page.

4. UDIMI Solo Ads –  is another recommended traffic source for targeted traffic.

5. MLM Leads Quality leads at the lowest price.

6. Viral Lightning –  The most simple way to get targeted traffic to your site on autopilot.

7. Join Safe Lists – This allows you to send a solo ad to your own unique list

8. Surf to Cash Formula: Covert Your Traffic Exchange Credit To $500+ Per Day!

9. Convert Traffic to Cash. If your funnel sucks, use mine. My system helps you turn traffic into cash flow.

Getting quality traffic consistently to your offers should NOT be complicated.

We keep it very simple with this resource.

MARKETING LOGIC: As a marketer online you’re going to need traffic every single day of your life in business.

Why just pay for it when you can GET PAID to get it… daily? Every online marketer building affiliate marketing teams should offer traffic to their teams and earn commissions from it. This way, as your team gets traffic and makes sales… you earn commissions and leverage too.

LEVERAGE: Silent Cash Flow Streams are Your Friend!

When that happens, your “paid traffic” actually becomes better than free. It pays you… with leverage. No serious online entrepreneur should be “paying” or “out of pocket” for their own tools and traffic after getting in profit mode.

You should be an affiliate for all your tools, systems and traffic.

There is no reason NOT to be (other than that obsolete “MLM psychology” where you’re brainwashed to ‘fall in love’ with just ONE program or product: doesn’t work for 99% of newbies).

This helps your teams more.

It adds “silent multiple income streams” for them as well and helps them build stronger, more sustainable, consistent, diversified businesses.

Always remember…

“ONE program is NOT a ‘business’ it’s just a sales job.” A real business consists of multiple leverage points and multiple revenue sources. That’s why doesn’t just sell one product. Google sells more than one product. Facebook sells more than one product. Any real business sells more than one product to their customers. You should too. Sell things that make sense as you build your business.


Be smart.

Build a real business.


Traffic Laser Targeted Quality Traffic

NO Charles, I DO NOT WANT TRAFFIC. I want to get leads and work my own leads with an autoresponder or a phone dialer.

Where Can I Buy Great Leads at Great Prices?

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Because some entrepreneurs just want quality leads for super low prices and they want to contact them by phone or email.

Little Ticket To Wealth Leads



Do you need a marketing system or “lead capture page” to send this traffic to?

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Don’t be a quitter! Be consistent. Don’t quit. All good business owners advertise, market and promote their business and offers to generate new customers and retain existing customers. We do to.

The biggest difference between me and the vast majority of newbies who fail online is I NEVER quit. They quit all the darn time. They do something ONE TIME… get a couple bruises or whatever… and they quit and go home… and go to sleep.

Here’s a secret to life:

Most people are quitters. They quit all over the place in life. They quit striving. They quit learning. They quit hobbies. They quit exercising. They quit reading. They quit learning. They quit at work. They quit in marriage. They quit physically. They quit spiritually. They quit emotionally.

Look around…

Most people quit.

They quit everything and most quit every time.

So don’t be surprised.

But here’s the massive opportunity…

It’s simple to “succeed” in life once you realize this truth.

Just decide… commit… NOT to be one of them. NEVER quit.

Show up.

Put in the work.

Get better.

Make mistakes.

Learn from them.

Always come back for more.

DO NOT QUIT. That’s the secret.

I didn’t.

And that’s the main difference.

So, I highly recommend you make a commitment to advertise your business consistently. Pick a budget you can live with and stick to it. Get better at your follow up skills… and scale up with profits.

There you go.

So now you have access to all kinds of traffic to build your email list and get sales.


Message me here on Facebook with any questions.

I’m here to help.

What do you think? Because it’s important and it matters.

Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

This is by far the simplest way I have created cash Online.

Charles Williams
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