New Simple Freedom Easy Two Page Funnel for Easy1Up Affiliate Marketing

NEW FUNNEL REVIEW: Simple Freedom Easy Two Page Funnel for Easy1Up Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a powerful, but simple two-page marketing funnel you can create to promote just about any affiliate program offer.

I like it because it includes both high tech (automation and leverage) along with high touch (personal connection and service) at the same time, built right into the two pages.

Page one is a very direct lead capture page. It’s sole job is to collect leads for you and build your email list so you can follow up and connect with your prospects.

Page two is a personalized “intro” or “bridge” page with a video that sets the stage for your main offer by connecting the prospect to you, personally, delivering high levels of customer attention and passes your direct contact information to your prospects to make it easy and convenient for them to connect with you to get any of their questions answered.

The buttons on the second page direct your prospect to your facebook and to your main video sales page of the Easy1Up offer.

Everything a serious prospect needs to get fully informed and to directly connect to you is on that second page and in the main presentation which is only 7 minutes.

A simple two-page information delivery funnel like this is a powerful sales closer when you back it up with effective follow up technique, which we teach inside our affiliate marketing school. This specific funnel was created using the Power Lead System.

Go ahead and click on the link to experience this simple but powerful funnel for yourself and if you’re not already registered on my team, register your free account at Easy1Up so that you’re qualified to get access to my 24/7 affiliate marketing school private facebook group and book a private consultation with me personally so I can help you fast track your online cash flow creation.

Click here now to review the whole system

Smart Email Marketing Strategies for More Sales

Smart Email Marketing Strategy: Use These Emails in a Variety of Ways to Close More Easy1up and Vertex Lead System Sales

Email Marketing. It can make you a lot of money when you do it right and when you do it consistently. Here are some ideas to make it quick and efficient too.


  1. Vertex Lead System: Get it. Use its emails.
  2. Repurpose: Use those emails in all your funnels and autoresponders.
  3. Blog: Use the messages in those emails in your blogs.
  4. Video: Use the messages in those emails in videos.
  5. Offline: Use the content in flyers and pamphlets etc.
  6. Online: Use the content in pdf’s online and facebook posts.

Marketing in this arena (affiliate marketing) can be so simple and repetitive. Far too many people over think it and over complicate it and never get to the parts that actually bring in cash flow: PRODUCTION.


  1. Your link. Just find it and promote it.
  2. Your funnel. Just get it setup already.
  3. Your email campaign. Just get it set.



  1. MARKET.

Your fortune lies in the PRODUCTION. Focus only on income producing activities and in teaching your affiliates to duplicate and replicate a simple but consistent plan.

SMART MARKETING FUNNEL: Review this one and model it. It works:

  1. DIAL 24 HR RECORDED: 760-856-8072
  3. TRAINING: Plug into my training.

We teach and preach to keep this stuff simple and focus on being consistent. We get this message in front of humans daily and invite them to two things:

  1. Free training: We train our future team before they join us.
  2. INFO: We invite people to review our funnel and info.

It’s a process that works because we do not over complicate it.

I believe it’s the best shot new people have these days to create full time incomes from affiliate marketing without all the drama and nonsense of the “gooroo” circus or the MLM pipe dream plantation where they work you like a slave…. but pay you like one too.




  1. HIGH COMMISSIONS: 100% commissions put more in your pocket.
  2. NO MONTHLY FEES: Focus on the marketing. Where you should.
  3. AFFORDABLE: Easy pricepoints where anyone can get started.
  4. FULL TIME: Potential for significant cash with $500 & $1,000 per sale.
  5. AUTOMATION: Systems & Tools do the heavy lifting.
  6. LEVERAGE: Just one sale opens up unlimited cash flow leverage.
  7. TRAINING: Everything you need included. Just plug in.

Any questions, just let me know.


Post Card Design and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

POST CARD DESIGN and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

How to Generate Traffic & Leads with Simple Post Cards

I love getting post cards out there in the market because they’re so simple.

The best thing you can focus on with your home business is keeping it as simple as possible so that masses of people can duplicate it. This is how you grow front end and back end volume of sales.

One simple way to do that is to have a couple post card designs ready to mail out or pass out at all times.

A Post Card Campaign on Facebook?

This same post card design can be used as an online image and posted on social networking platforms like facebook. It’s super simple to create these using your local printer or online printers like Vistaprint.

Here’s the front of my new post card:

And here’s the back side:

And here’s another design for the back side:

How Can You Use These Marketing Post Cards?

I usually keep many of these in my cars and share them liberally when I’m out and about living life.

Leaving a tip after a good meal?

Leave a post card with your tip.

Leave in coffee shops.

Leave in places you do business in.

Share with people directly.

Automated Post Card Campaign Done For You?

Or, order some targeted leads on labels from business opportunity buyers and stick a label and a post card stamp on them and drop them in the mail box.

One of the reasons I love the Vertex Lead System is because inside their back office in the offline marketing resources page, you get access to a post card marketing source that is completely automated.

You basically just order your post card campaign and give them your capture page link and they take care of everything else for you. You can also just buy leads on labels from them if you want to do your own manual mailouts but for many people looking for an autopilot way to promote their offer, they do a great job of getting the message out.

Use your imagination and be creative.

It’s all about getting your message out there and making it simple and easy for people to consume your free information in your marketing funnel.

On social media sites like facebook, simply post your image once a day or every other day and work to build your audience daily with your networking, connecting, commenting and engaging on facebook with other people all the time.

This is just one strategy in your collection of productive activities.

This is business development.

It’s not the end all and be all, but it’s a good solid strategy that is easy, cheap and effective for people to duplicate with minimal hassles. Consistency is key.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: The Easiest Way to Make Money From Home Online


Get Started Making Money Online On A Tight Budget

TIGHT BUDGET? Get Started Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Even on the Tightest of Budgets…

There is no excuse for not starting your own home business.

The tax advantages are critical alone. And today, it’s very realistic to use programs and tools that allow you to create a legit full time income from home using 100% commission models that pay you $250, $500 and $1,000 per transaction. That’s real money, not your gramma’s mlm peanuts.

And there are a number of ways to learn and earn as you go, keeping it really simple and scaling up your business as you elevate your skill sets.

Here are a couple legitimate options that can help you if you’re just starting out:

  1. Option A: This simple program includes all the tools and training you’ll need and pays you 100% commission without any monthly fees. Click here to review.
  2. Option B: Lead Lightning is super simple $7 affiliate program where you also get all the training and all the tools needed to get started learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Click here to review.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as many people make it.

This could be as simple and direct as asking people one question:

“Are you open to learning a fun, simple way to make full time income online?

The training is included and the information to review it is free.

If so, then click here and watch this short video.”

Either people are interested in learning about this or not.

Don’t over complicate it.

Just share the information.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: Everything You Need to Make Money Online