Simple Freedom Club Overview

WEBINAR: Simple Freedom Club Overview

Simple Freedom Club was created to be a simple affiliate marketing school and cash flow program.

The 3 Core Activities:

Slam Traffic

Close Sales

Stack Cash

The ONE Mission: Cash Flow Independence

Red Pill Content + Automated Systems + Simple Strategies

People are walking away from the failed blue pill world daily.

They’re tired of the scam the “system” has become in all areas of life.

They’re choosing to go their own way and simplify life.





You have to keep this stuff as simple as possible so others can duplicate and win.

Cash Flow creation is one of the key requirements to living your own life. Without the ability to command and control the way you generate cash flow, you will always be answering to someone else and their agenda will influence your life.

Learn to create your own cash flow.

This takes learning new skills.

And learning new skills always takes leveling up your mindset and attitude.

Always start and finish with focusing on yourself.

Nobody will ever care about your life more than you will.

BUILD A NEW YOU: Focus on Rebuilding Yourself Like a Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix: A Story of Transformation. Gets Broken. Finishes Destroying Itself and Rises Stronger From The Ashes of It’s Own Destruction

Focus on your mindset.

Focus on your attitude.

Focus on your health and fitness.

Focus on your skill sets.

Focus on your pupose.

Focus on your cash flow.

If you focus on those core areas you can not help but to attract good, high quality things into your life.

Simple Freedom Philosophy: Broken. Rebuilt. Risen. Unstoppable. Self Made.

Life can (and most likely will) break you. Things outside your total control can break you: defeat you. But instead of staying in that state forever lost and defeated, or trying to “fake it till you make it” and live a miserable life of submission to what broke you and “playing along to get along,” what is more helpful is to use your total destruction to your advantage.

Feel everything.


Pay attention: to everything that happened.

Learn from every single thing you thought you knew, but were completely wrong about.

Experience every level of being broken.


Rebuild yourself from nothing.

Envision the new you that you desire.

You have nothing else to lose when you have already lost it all and are back to a completely new canvass.

Decide to take control of your rebuild and rebuild to suit.

A custom new you.

You will be smarter; wiser; stronger; clearer; and forged by the most valuable material in life: experience, pain and understanding.

Completely rebuild yourself.







There are no limits and now you’re building someone from scratch that knows exactly (RED PILL KNOWLEDGE) how everything truly works and what you want.

Simple Freedom philosophy is unstoppable.

NICE GUYS GET SAVAGED: Blue Pill Beta “Good Guys” Get Ran Through and Destroyed by Today’s Anti-Man Blue Pill Society

Taking the red pill isn’t easy.

But your life depends on it. You must “red pill” yourself in all areas of life so that you can see people, society and the world around you as it truly is and not how it is presented and projected to you.

You have been conditioned to perform like a domesticated society slave and mule all your life.

This was not an accident.

You have been groomed into societal slavery. Just look around at how you were “educated” (indoctrinated) and how you are positioned, projected and perceived in culture and society these days.

You’re positioned as the fool.

The “nice guy” (who gets used and played) who does all the good, expected things, follows all the rules, gets told he wins inside hollywood’s movies but in real life gets savaged and replaced like a tool; and pays for all of it.

Everything around you is designed to make you think being the slave is “noble” and it’s the what is wanted from you.

If you ever so lightly question this “normal” you get immediately rebuked, shamed and laughed at and directed to conform.

They label you with “toxic masculinity” as a way to normalize emasculating and domesticating you.

This is all a lie.

ESCAPE THE BLUE PILL PLANTATION: Focus on improving yourself and creating a life of independence.

Cash Flow Independence: Living Life On Your Terms.

Losing focus and being distracted chasing any other superficial, low quality thing in life or working like a stupid, beta slave, blue pill simp weakling to please others around you (who you can never please enough anyway) will only lead to you being disrespected, manipulated, played and tossed out like an old bag of garbage at the end, anyway.

Corporations and employers will continue to play you, manipulate you and work you in a never ending circle of nonsense. You will stay and remain always overworked and underpaid and not appreciated.

And in the end, they will always play you.

There is no loyalty to you anymore.

You are always easily replaced.

They will always replace you with younger, dumber and cheaper (easier) in the end because it’s always easier to pull someone new around by the nose instead of being loyal to you for your commitment and service.

Focus on you.

Improve you.

Improve your skills.

Become cash flow independent.

Become fit.

Get in the best shape of your life.

Get in the best mindset of your life.

Get red pilled; thoroughly in all areas of life.

Get command and control of your life.

And you will experience peace, quiet and freedom and a serene tranquility and healthy indifference to the drama and games around you.

You will see life different.

You will see drama different.

You will events different.

You will live inside a new “indifference” and a clear understanding of how people truly work and nothing will phase you anymore or knock you out of your purpose.

Like Neo “seeing” the matrix and being able to dodge bullets.

You will live inside a “knowing” and will never live through life being played like a fool.

It brings a peace of mind into your daily routine.

You’ll be able to minimalize your life.

You just won’t need so much clutter and nonsense.

You will simplify for the joy and peace it brings.

You will save money; fast, because you won’t be spending it on stupid, meaningless, impulsive shit every day.

You will find opportunities to stack cash, invest and not spend; a new and fun “game” to play daily.

You will find tons of free time to get toys and enjoy them.

Hobbies, passions, interests: you will invite and enjoy more.

When you’re living your best life being  and becoming your best self you will find yourself not needing much, not codependent, not chasing anything and worrying a lot less about things you would freak out about before.

Simple Freedom Lifestyle is about way more than money.

It’s about simple freedom itself.

A holistic approach to living a badass life of peace, quiet and freedom.

SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB: The Free Agent Lifestyle. It all starts here…

How To Create Your Own Cash Flow

STEP BY STEP TOUR: Simple Freedom Club Review.

Get a  close up look at how the “home business” arena has been duped for years; and how to simplify everything to create your own cash flow.

Create your free account at the Simple Freedom Club here.

Starting and building an online side hustle business should not be difficult.

But for most, it is.

They over complicate the entire process.

That’s the blue pill world for you though.

They complicate everything  and turn you into a docile slave.

If you truly want to go your own way, part of the secret is that you have to focus on simplifying EVERYTHING.

I mean, every single area of your life needs to be broken down to its most simple basic foundations and rebuilt from there.

Part of that includes figuring out a consistent and sustainable way to create your own work…

…so that you never have to beg anyone else for work.

This gets you cash flow independent.

And if you overcomplicate this part, you’re screwed.

I learned that the hard way.

It’s counterintuitive too because most people, when you present them with a simplified way to make full time cash flow from their own smart phones, or online or “from home” they love the idea at first but then they immediately try to complicate every part of it.

Can’t save them all.

A few actually get the elegance and sexiness about keeping stuff simple and being able to work a system that creates full time piles of cash on a part time effort: like sharing or posting or creating simple “Red Pill” content online and on social media networks to attract the eyes of other red pillers living in the blue pill world.

Like Morpheus, Neo and Trinity did.

We do a similar thing here.

Anyway, look…

If you’re truly serious about creating cash flow independence, going your own way, living on your own terms and living that #FreeAgentLifestyle then just listen to or watch this video, create your free account at Simple Freedom Club, be patient with yourself, learn a couple new skills and take action.

This stuff works.

And it works faster and better if you force yourself to just keep it simple.

Setup a simple system (funnel).

Get traffic to it.

Plug people into this training.

Receive cash.

I train and scale your affiliate team.

They make money.

You make full time stacks of passive income too from that.

It all starts here.

Then subscribe to my training channel here.

And listen to my podcast here.

Any questions, let me know.

Plug into our “Red Pill” content and training and you’ll never be able to unsee these truths about how to really make your own money online.

More info and daily red pills here:


How To Get Six Pack Abs In 22 Days Athleanx

Get Six Pack Abs in 22 Days Athleanx

If you want to get a 6 pack at home and are not sure what home ab workout to do, give this one a try.

This workout is designed to do two things in just 22 days.

The first is help you to develop stronger abs by training them the way they should be.

No ab function is left out as you work your way from your lower abs to your upper abs to your obliques.

The next most important element however is that research has shown that 22 days is the time period within one must stay consistent with something in order to turn it into a habit.

If you can stick to this 6 exercise home ab workout for just three weeks, you will start to see changes to your lifestyle and your approach to working out that could stick with you for the rest of your life.

It is this element that makes this a plan that even someone that is at a much higher body fat percentage, something that they will want to invest the time in doing. While the six pack abs may not be completely visible by the time this is over in just 22 days, it is the habits that will be formed that could carry over and be the true game changer.

That said, do be sure that while you are committing to putting in the effort on this workout that you don’t undervalue the role of nutrition to getting to where you want to be. I’ve said so many times that the most important element of getting ripped is having a good nutrition plan.

You simply cannot out train a bad diet.

You need to eat healthy, while still enjoying the foods that you eat, if you want to get your body fat levels down low enough to see your abs.

The good news is that your body fat levels do not have to be nearly as low as you may have thought they needed to be in order to get a six pack. Some can see even the outline of a complete set of abs at body fat levels in the mid teens.

That said, here is how this extinction style ab workout breaks down.

There are 6 total ab exercises in this routine.

They start with lower ab movements and progress through midrange and oblique exercises, ending with top down movements at the end to predominantly influence your upper ab fibers.

The key to getting six pack abs is that you perform them for the given rep or time range.

If you can successfully complete the range for a given exercise, simply wait 10 seconds and go again.

Keep repeating the range until you cannot get all the reps or time prescribed.

At this point, you will have reached extinction.

From here, you would move onto the next exercise in the workout and complete it in the same manner.

The exercises are as follows:

W Raises x 5 reps (lower abs)
Black Widow Knee Slides x 45 seconds (bottom up rotation)
Butterfly Sit-ups x 10 reps (midrange)
Seated Corkscrews x 45 seconds (obliques)
Levitation Crunches x 10 reps (upper abs)
Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts x 5 reps each side (top down rotation)

This entire circuit is to be performed just one time through, however remember that you may be repeating individual exercises multiple times if you are able to complete all of the prescribed reps or time.

In this case again, you would rest 10 seconds and repeat the exercise until you couldn’t finish what was prescribed.

This is a killer but it is an ab workout that everyone can do, regardless of what body fat level or ability level you are at right now.

If you are looking for a complete bodyweight workout program that doesn’t require any equipment at all, be sure to head to and check out the ATHLEAN XERO program.

No bands, benches, bars or weights are needed to build a ripped athletic body.

For more ab workouts to get a 6 pack, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and try some of the follow along ab workouts.

Don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

Build Muscle with No Equipment
Subscribe to this channel here

Join Simple Freedom Club Free Here!

How To Get Paid Daily By Collecting Emails

CASH FLOW HACKING: How to Get Paid Daily by Collecting Emails

Far too many people over complicate this stuff. It’s not their fault. They’re led by “gooroos” who have a financial incentive to make things extremely complicated and “ego brand” based.

I’ve made consistent money online in the affiliate marketing space by doing the exact opposite that most people teach. I keep it simple. Brutally simple. And it works. Here’s how I do it…

TIP: First, you have to visualize the whole process in your mind and understand it. Once you know how you’re directing people through a marketing process, you can more easily focus on the beginning steps to:

1. Get in.
2. Get a funnel.
3. Get traffic.
4. Get emails.
5. Get sales.
6. Get paid.

Then when they see how this process works, people decide to “GET ALL IN” and GET MORE MONEY.”

It’s so simple, some people love to hate it. They hate that it’s this simple and they seek out more training. Training after training after training and they hop into umpteen different deals not knowing how to build one of them, because they figure there has to be something else to this.

They overcomplicate.

Then they fail.

Too bad.

I don’t.

And I sell different deals all the time. I keep them all simple. Like owning your own “Home Depot” with a lot of different products on the shelves. I’m not “married” to any one product but I offer my market what they’re looking for: Good products, and good offers that are simple and that sell well.

My programs are on my shelf here on my blog. They see them. They find one (or two) they like and they buy them. Then they plug into our marketing training and learn to do what I do. Sell them.

I choose to keep this simple.


Because most buyers prefer simple.

Once they “get it” and they realize what I’m doing, I’m doing on purpose, they love it.

I keep it simple: ON PURPOSE.


Why not?

Why not get money online precisely by keeping it simple?

Sounded good to me.

If you’re ready to keep stuff simple, just join me here.

Use this funnel.

Get this traffic.

Plug into this training.

And let’s get you money.


Simple Freedom Club OVERVIEW Webinar

FREE TRAINING: Simple Freedom Club OVERVIEW Webinar


Simple Freedom Club online community and affiliate marketing program is live.

It’s a cash flow vehicle and nice converting offer for existing affiliate marketers that pays $25 on every $35 sale without any monthly fees.

It’s also a full affiliate marketing school inside for beginner affiliate marketers.

Review the whole funnel. Join the community. Check out the training. Hang out with the Simple Freedom family and learn how to make some money online.


How To Create Your First Funnel In Simple Freedom Club Using Power Lead System

How To Create Your First Funnel In Simple Freedom Club Using Power Lead System


QUICK REVIEW: Power Lead System FUNNELS and SHARE CODES for use Promoting Simple Freedom Club.

A great question comes up often…

“How do I get the share code pages and funnels for use in Simple Freedom Club? What level membership do I need in Power Lead System to get those?”


As far as the funnels in Power Lead System here is how they work:

1. Free Lead System is free to use and builds your list when you “give away a marketing system” in ads or as you network online with other affiliate marketers.

The upgrade to that is Lead Lightning which is offers in its back office as you can see in your own back office.

2. Lead Lightning is the $7 funnel that pays you $6 per sale. Similar to Free Lead System but this one is monetized with it’s pricepoint and $6 per sale commissions.

It offers the upgrade to Gold Member in its back office.

3. Gold Member Power Lead System is the monthly $53 per month funnel creation system. Pays $20 per member per month and team overrides for nice monthly subscription income.

This is the level where we can create funnels or pages and SHARE CODE them with our other members.

So to have the different share coded pages and funnels, you need to be a Gold Member in PLS.

This is done by design so that PLS is where we create monthly cash flow for you and Simple Freedom Club is never monthly so we focus on the Reverse 1Up compensation in SF Club.

They both work together.

You don’t “need” Power Lead System to sell Simple Freedom Club but when you’re ready for it or when you want those funnels, it’s there and you can join it from your Freedom Vault in the Club.


When you’re ready to simplify your home business and also create full time levels of cash flow, join my Simple Freedom Cash Club here.

HOUSE ARREST China Virus Home Lockdown Survival Guide

HOUSE ARREST China Virus Home Lockdown Survival Guide

THE WORLD IS ON HOUSE ARREST: Here’s how to survive it and not go CRAZY!

Lockdowns are rippling across the world this week, with an accelerating number of cities, counties — and entire countries — issuing mandatory ‘shelter in place’ orders.

Whether you saw this coming or not (and way too many didn’t), here we all are.

Stuck at home for….how long?

We don’t know yet.

A few weeks?

A month?

Two months?

It all depends on the degree and intensity of the spread of the covid-19 virus in our own communities.

Local mileage will vary.

So, how are you going to make it through this prolonged period of house arrest?

Without getting sick, going broke, or being driven crazy?

As the folks who have been updating you daily since January on the unfolding coronavirus outbreak, here’s our definitive Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

And it’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it.

In it, we cover these key essentials:

Stocking Your Home For Success
Staying Physically Healthy
Staying Emotionally Healthy
Staying Financially Solvent
Getting Onboard The Lockdown Train

Before we get to the tactical recommendations, mentally buying in to the rationale for staying at home will be key to your overall success.


Yes, lockdowns are extremely inconvenient (at best).

They require real sacrifice.

For many, like those losing their source of income during this shutdown, the sacrifice may be more than you were prepared to make.

There’s no way to sugar-coat the pain of this sacrifice.

But understanding the larger context for it helps greatly with bearing its burden.

These lockdowns are happening to protect you and your loved ones, as well as to save the lives of many people you’ll never meet.

We can argue later on whether our leaders could have taken smarter action earlier (they sure could have, IMO), but there’s no doubt that what’s needed most RIGHT NOW is social distancing on a massive scale.

Here’s the math explaining why.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this really, really simple to understand.

This is the equation that epidemiologists use to calculate the exponential spread of a virus like covid-19 (yes, it looks complicated, but hang with me):

This is the equation that epidemiologists use to calculate the exponential spread of a virus like covid-19 (yes, it looks complicated, but hang with me):

equation for viral spread

E = the average number of people an infected person comes into contact with each day

p = the probability of each person-to-person exposure resulting in an infection

Nd = the number of infected people on a given day

Here’s all you need to know about this equation:

The only factor we have direct control over at this point is “E”.

We can control how many person-to-person exposures happen.

That’s the entire goal of a lockdown: to drive that variable as close to zero as possible.

So that’s each of our shared mission right now at this important moment in history — to do our part to minimize person-to-person contact.

That’s how we will collectively thwart this honey badger of a virus.

And here’s why this is so important.

Of course, none of us wants to get sick, nor do we want our family members to get sick either.

But covid-19’s greater danger to society is its ability to overwhelm our health care system.

Which it is currently doing in China, Italy and Iran, and is projected to do in many other countries including the US.

At current calculations, there are only a small fraction of the beds, respirators, medications, doctors and nurses needed to care for the millions of seriously ill patients expected within the next sixty days.

Drowning under that volume, not only can our health system not adequately care for those sick with the coronavirus, it won’t be able to care for any and all other issues.

Having a baby?

Break your leg?

Need cancer treatment?

There very well may not be a doctor or nurse available to see you.

And the last place you’ll want to go is a hospital, as they’ll all have become covid-19 breeding grounds by that point.

If you’ve not yet heard of the Flatten The Curve! movement, that’s what these lockdowns are all about:

Flatten The Curve gif

By slowing the spike in infections, lockdowns reduce the crushing wave of sick arriving at our hospitals and clinics and give our health care workers a fighting chance to keep things working.

Just as World War 2 called on the masses to support the war effort by forgoing staples, donating time and funds, and planting ‘victory gardens’, this is our generation’s great call to service.

Keeping that context in mind, that your sacrifice is for the greater good of both your immediate family as well as the global community, will help make home confinement feel less like a personal punishment from the universe.

Is Your Home Stocked For Success?

Now that you’ve got the right mindset in place, let’s look at the best supplies and resources to have on hand during your lockdown.

Of course, the best time to acquire these was weeks ago when we issued our Alert to stock up back on January 23rd. But don’t despair if you’re just getting started now. There’s still opportunity to get your hands on many of the recommended items below, either via local sources, online delivery, or from generous folks in your neighborhood.

Get what you can and make the best of it.

Focus on the basics:

  • a deep food pantry, should access to the grocery store get cut off
  • PPE and cleaning supplies to prevent covid-19 infection
  • medicine/first aid supplies, should you need to self-treat (any health condition)
  • backup/emergency preparations, should utilities become unavailable for a prolonged period

We’ve published numerous articles, podcasts and videos on over the past two months covering these topics.

Below are links to help you get up to speed fast if you don’t already have sufficient preps in place.


At this stage, many grocery stores have had their shelves picked bare by panicked customers.

But the lockdowns should diminish the surge and give stores a chance to re-stock somewhat, especially on bulk staples.

As you’re able, get groceries, daily if you can, buying extra on each trip to increase your home food stores.

The goal should be to get at least two weeks of supply for everyone in your household, working your way up to a month’s supply or more.

For guidance on what to get, how much to get, and how to store it, here are two excellent free resources:

You may find that stores soon start limiting the amount that you’re allowed to buy of certain items.

That’s OK.

Just buy what you can, when you can, being sure not to take an unfair share (i.e., don’t be a hoarder!).

PPE/Sanitizers/Cleaning Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is what you wear to prevent from getting covid-19 virus particles from getting in your body.

This is what you should wear any time you need to leave your house for anywhere you suspect infected people could be.

These include masks, gloves, eye protection, and gowns/coveralls.

Sadly, supplies for most of these have long since sold out.

Even medical staff are experiencing an acute shortage.

Similarly, many alcohol-based sanitizers are now hard to find.

But bleach and other cleaning supplies are still available.

And you never know, you may be able to locate some of the more out-of-stock PPE from local sources or friends who have extra.

So it’s definitely worth the effort to look and ask around.

Good resources for what to stock up on are:


As mentioned above, you want to avoid going to the hospital as it fills up with serious coronavirus cases.

Your doctor may not even be available to see you.

So you want to prepare to self-treat for any non-life threatening condition.

This includes setting up a ‘sick room’ should anyone in your family contract the virus (keep in mind that 80%+ of cases are relatively mild).

Here’s guidance on what to strive to have in place:

Backup/Emergency Readiness

The odds of losing access to basic utilities while in lockdown is low.

But it’s not inconceivable.

If the virus were to spread fast enough, there simply may not be enough workers who are well enough to keep critical services running.

Also, a natural disaster could occur that disrupts power and water (for example, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck Salt Lake City just this morning).

If you’re well stocked on the items above and have the capacity to plan for this, here’s our guidance:

Staying Physically Healthy

All right, if you’ve got all the above in place, then home lockdown becomes a matter of “What do I do with all this time?”

We’re going to start with staying physically healthy, as that’s the primary goal here: to keep as many folks out of the hospital system as possible.


This is your first and best line of defense against virus particles.

First: don’t get them on you. Second: don’t get them in you.

Social distancing. Wash your hands often (with soap or sanitizer). Don’t touch your face/mouth/nose/eyes. Shower daily. Wash your clothes often. Basic advice; but it’s important because it works.

Exercise/Physical activity

Physical activity is the “miracle pill”. If we could bottle its benefits, every doctor would prescribe it.

You now have time in your day for exercise.

Make it part of your routine.

It will keep you healthy, boost your immune system, improve your outlook (endorphins!), and you’ll enjoy it, especially if you do it as playful activity.

Go for a solo walk or run.

If you have a yard, play with your family (frisbee, whiffle ball, tag — whatever gets you moving).

For those with less space, YouTube is full of home exercise routine videos.

And now, many gyms (such as Planet Fitness here) and yoga studios are posting a daily free home workout on their websites during the coronavirus lockdown.


Sleep is critical to a well-functioning immune system, and yet so many of us have terrible sleep hygiene.

Put the screens away at least an hour before bed.

That means *any* screen: TV, laptop, smartphone.

Get a full 8 hours of sleep (You have the time!

You’re not commuting or having to take the kids to school).

Don’t eat close to bedtime.


Often overlooked, exposure to sunlight is very important to our immune system, our overall health, and our emotional state.

It’s estimated that more than 40% of American adults are vitamin D deficient.

Over the past two months, we have seen numerous medical studies like this one  indicating the vitamin D helps prevent the kind of acute respiratory tract infections covid-19 victims are dying of.

Sunlight is our best source of vitamin D.

Be sure to get *at least* 15-30 minutes of midday sun exposure at least 3 times per week.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19, doctors found that patients treated outdoors, in the sunlight and fresh air, recovered more quickly than those treated only indoors.

If it helped then, it may indeed help now.


Other key vitamins, especially C and A, are also being found to help your body’s defenses against covid-19 — and other types of diseases, too.

There’s a wide range of immune-system boosting supplements and herbs, many of them natural, that you can take to increase your odds of remaining uninfected or recovering more quickly.

Staying Emotionally Healthy

As I’ve written about previously, when it comes to persevering through adversity, success is much more dependent on mental fortitude than physical.

You need to have a clear picture of the payoff that will come from the sacrifice and suffering.

In popular cultural parlance, this is referred to as Understanding Your WHY

That’s why the recommendations here began with emphasizing the huge importance that Flattening The Curve has to your family’s welfare, and that of your country (and the global community at large).

Once you really ‘get it’, it makes the hardships of home lockdown a lot more tolerable.

First, Have ‘The Talk’

And while you may now ‘get it’, members of your family may not yet.

Especially the young and, somewhat surprisingly, the old.

Kids and young adults, being who they are, tend to discount risk and ignore consequences.

The popular perception that covid-19 is an ‘old folks disease’ only makes them worry even less.

Most of them get cabin fever quickly and just want to go out and hang with their friends.

A surprising number of seniors are equally hard to influence to take the coronavirus seriously, especially if they’re grandparents.

These folks tend to be set in their ways, have survived a lot of other ‘scares’ over the decades (so why should this one be any different?), and are damned if they’re going to be deprived of seeing their grandkids.

But when it comes to keeping your house virus-free, your defense is only as good as its weakest link.

If your kids are socializing, they risk bringing covid-19 back into the house when they return.

The same is true when grandma insists on going to her bridge group.

You will be fighting a losing battle, and likely getting angry and resentful in the process, if you hold yourself to a different safety standard than the others living in (or visiting) your home.

Which is why you need to sit everyone who is or will be in your home over the lockdown and have “the talk”.

The goal is to guide everyone to mutual understanding and agreement.

Do we all agree it’s important to avoid infection?

What level of safety standards will everyone embrace?

A particularly good example of how to have this talk with older parents is presented here.

Besides educating them on the scary stats of just how damaging and deadly this virus is on the elderly, one successful strategy is helping them see your concerns for their safety as ‘acts of love’ (vs needless nagging).

With teens, it’s a challenge. But these three tactics are helpful:

  • Connect their risk to their at-risk relatives. “Yes, if you get infected you’ll likely be better in a matter of days. But do you realize that if grandma or grandpa catches it from you, they could die?”
  • Dispel the myth that all youth don’t have to worry. There’s growing evidence that a larger percent of youth than previously assumed get serious complications from covid-19. This can result in long-term decrease in lung capacity for those who ‘recover’. While not confirmed by the data yet, youth who vape may be at higher risk of permanent lung damage from coronavirus.
  • Set a red line with older teens/adult children. “Hey, if you’re intent on going out and socializing, that’s your call. But you can’t live here at home if you do. Home needs to be safe.” For example, for those with college students, it may be preferable for all involved to send your child back to campus (if the dorms are open) and let them ride out the lockdown there. If they get sick, chances are high they won’t need hospitalization. They’ll be happy being around their friends, and you’ll be relieved not having to worry about them breaching your virus barriers on a daily basis.

Once you’ve had “the talk”, everyone then understands why the house rules are the way they are.

Everyone may not necessarily agree with them, but this shared understanding greatly increases your odds they’ll be followed and respected.

Keep The 4 Horsemen At Bay

When living in prolonged close proximity with others, life gets hard fast if your relationships aren’t harmonious.

John Gottman, renowned therapist of Blink! fame, has been able to prove that relationship harmony is at greatest danger from allowing any one of the following toxic behaviors to fester: Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling and Contempt.

To understand what each of these are and to see examples in practice so you can be aware of how to avoid letting these creep into your own behavior, click here to read Dealing With Disagreement in Relationships.

Look, you put people in prolonged confinement under stressful conditions and you’re going to have disagreements arise.

It’s only natural.

So rather than letting that distract and divide you when it happens, prepare in advance and learn how to conduct the necessary repair work when conflict inevitably does occur.

Our Gottman-based premium report How To Manage Conflict & Build Relationships That Last walks you through the mechanics of how to build up sufficient relationship ‘capital’ to weather most disagreements, and how to successfully repair and rebuild it when really big disagreements arise.

This report is one of the most valuable resources we have to offer folks living together in lockdown. It’s worth every penny of the $30 to subscribe.

Embrace Purpose & Meaning

Take a moment to appreciate that we’re living through history right now.

For good or ill, this is a momentous time.

One that may forever change our way of life.

Our routines have been broken.

That frees us to focus on areas we previously felt our busy lives had no time for.

Sure, binge-watch that Netflix series you’ve been craving to.

But beyond that, use this unasked-for gift of time to explore ways to give your life more meaning:

  • Practice mindfulness — being present in the moment, grateful for the blessings you do have, and more aware of the things in your life you’d like to change.
  • Visualize — once things get back to ‘normal’, what improvements would you like to see in your life? Research shows that clarifying our goals makes it much more likely we’ll actually achieve them. And with the extra time you have on lockdown, you may be able to use some of it to make strides towards the ‘new you’.
  • Journal — as mentioned, we’re living through history. Capture your experience and observations. Research shows that naming our emotions and acknowledging traumatic events has a positive impact on the psyche. Also, your great-grandchildren will be fascinated if they ever discover it.

Constructive Activity

“Idle hands are the Devil’s tools” goes the old saying.

So keep your household busy.

Create a routine.

Have dedicated times of the day when it’s expected that each resident will be occupied in “constructive” activity.

For adults that may be actual work, or bill paying, or home projects.

For kids it can be homeschooling/online learning (for school or just personal development), household chores, or brain-developing play.

Free Time/Alone Time

Equally as important is allowing each family member to find a little solitude in their day.

Whether it’s to use the time to process their feelings, read a book, zombie out on Snapchat, or just get a break from the folks they’re stuck inside with for God-knows-how-long, unstructured time alone is a huge catalyst for comfort and happiness.

If Things Get Really Tough…

Households have their stresses under the best of times.

Living in open-ended confinement during one of history’s greatest health crises is enough to break the tightest of family bonds.

If conflict arises that you simply can’t diffuse, and it endangers the mental or physical health of anyone in your household, reach out to the experts.

In today’s age, most therapists have the ability to see clients online (I should know, I’m married to one).

And check with your employer, an increasing number of companies now offer free therapy hours as an employee health benefit.

And since many therapist are under lockdown, as well, they have both the time and the personal experience to relate to the tensions you’re under.

Having an impartial, trained professional walk you and your family through ways to find common ground and de-fuse conflict can be a literal life-saver in trying times like now.

Staying Financially Solvent

Perhaps second only to dying or losing a family member to covid-19 is the fear of losing your income and savings due to it.

Too many people already are.

Losing Your Income

As of this writing (3.18.20), 18% of US households have already reported someone being laid off or having their hours reduced because of the coronavirus outbreak. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that at least 3 million jobs will be lost by summer.

And this is just the start. US Treasury Secretary and member of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force, Stephen Mnuchin, predicts that the nation’s unemployment rate will jump from 3% to 20% as a result of the economic damage resulting from covid-19.

If you’re among those who has already lost their job or are concerned that you may soon be a casualty of layoffs by your employer, read our premium report The Layoff Survival Handbook.

It provides detailed advice on the specific steps to take before and after losing your job.

When we issued this report last year we knew it was relevant then to millions of workers whose jobs were at risk from automation, outsourcing, poor management, corporate over-indebtedness, and a number of other risks — but we had little inkling how relevant it would be to the millions more now losing their jobs from today’s twin coronavirus/market-meltdown crises.

Losing Your Savings

One of the crueler aspects of this coronavirus outbreak is that, as happens with exponential events, it has gotten far worse faster than most people could imagine.

And faster than they can mentally adjust to.

Just as folks were starting to wrap their brains around the idea that covid-19 was not “just the flu”, suddenly all the schools are cancelled, non-essential businesses are forced to close, and everyone’s being placed on lockdown.

And if that wasn’t head-spinning enough, the markets have been in unprecedented free-fall.

It’s now official: this is the fastest stock market drop of this magnitude in history.

So folks are being hit with the one-two gut punch of losing their way of life AND losing 30%+ of their hard-earned savings at the same time.

Is it over yet? Or is it going to fall much more? are questions we’re hearing daily from panicked investors, many of whom are contacting us from home, where they have nothing but time to watch their portfolios bleed out further with each daily drop (the markets closed limit-down again today)

While no one has a crystal ball, we at Peak Prosperity have been warning for years about the risk of such a market breakdown.

From our perspective, while there will likely be some relief rallies in the coming days and weeks, we think the structure of the market (as well as the vigor of the global economy) is being permanently impaired.

Meaning: we won’t be returning to “the way it was before”.

And that lower prices are highly likely over the rest of the year (for reasons well-articulated in our recent interviews with renown investors John Hussman and Steen Jakobsen, which can be viewed here)

The good news is that there is still time to reposition your portfolio for greater safety, even and especially if you’re one of those whose savings has taken a beating this month.

We discuss the many reasons why taking corrective action now is so important in this short video with the lead partners of New Harbor Financial, the financial advisor endorsed by Peak Prosperity — who have managed to protect their clients’ accounts from virtually all of the market’s recent -33% drop (at last check, New Harbor’s general portfolio was actually *up* during this plunge)

Watch the video and then talk with a professional financial advisor who understands the reasons why the market is breaking down (i.e., not a lazy ‘buy and hold’ buffoon who was caught flat-footed), and formulate a plan to protect your portfolio from future loss.

One day it will be time to redeploy your savings into attractively-priced quality assets, that day is not here.

Focus now on keeping your powder safe and dry.

If you already work with such a professional, great!

Hopefully they’ve saved you a bundle by avoiding the market’s fall.

But if you’re having trouble finding a good one, consider scheduling a free consultation with the team at New Harbor.

They’ll review your portfolio and offer their thoughts on what your best next steps should be — completely free and with no commitment to work with them.

This is a service we’ve worked out with them for Peak Prosperity’s readers.

You can schedule your free consultation by clicking here.

Information Without Action Is Useless

As we often emphasize here at, “information without action is useless”

This guide is only valuable if you put its recommendations to work.

So print it out and circle at least 3 actions you commit to taking in the next 24 hours.

Once you’ve put those into motion circle 3 news ones. And so on…

And be sure to share this with the folks going through lockdown with you.

It will help getting you all on the same page, plus they may have other good ideas to add to the thinking here.

To that point, this Lockdown Survival Guide is intended to be a living document.

As we have additional helpful recommendations, we’ll add them above.

So if you have any good candidates, please share them in the Comments section below.

Good luck persevering through the coming weeks.

These are unprecedented and historic times, and we’re going through them together, even if we’re doing so squirreled away in our own homes.

Use this website to keep connected to the greater world and the wonderfully smart and supportive global community that is Follow Chris’ daily video updates on our YouTube channel to keep informed of the latest covid-19 developments.

And lean on the tribe here should you ever need moral support in these trying times.

Hang in there, this too shall pass.

And stay safe!

~ Adam Taggart

You can click here to read the original article at the Peak Prosperity site.

Do This Home Exercise EVERY Day! (NO EQUIPMENT)

Do This Home Exercise EVERY Day! (NO EQUIPMENT)

If you workout at home all the time or are temporarily doing home exercises because of the current situation, this is exercise is one that you simply cannot skip. In this video, I’m going to show you how to perform the face pull to improve your posture, shoulder health, and correction of small muscle imbalances that will help you to lift more weight on your big lifts regardless of whether you do them at home or at the gym.

The key to the face pull is that you do them. There is no better reward on any other exercise than this one when you do it consistently. You may be asking how often it needs to be done. The answer is daily. Don’t worry though, this is not a home exercise that is going to require a lot of time to perform it. Doing even just 3 sets of 12-15 high quality repetitions is all it’s going to take to get the benefits mentioned above without turning this into a workout of its own.

The most obvious way to perform this movement in a home gym is with a band and a pullup bar. Those that have the bare minimum equipment for training at home usually will have these two items. If so, simply wrap the band over the pullup bar and grab onto it with two hands. Be sure to turn your hands up (underhand) rather than overhand to get more external rotation at the shoulder instead of internal rotation.

As you pull the band back you can pull it apart as well. This is simulating the same effect you would get from doing this with two ropes and a cable machine.

The key is to try and let your hands beat your elbows to the back. Meaning, you want your hands to be further behind your body at the end of the exercise than your elbows. If you can do this right, you will have achieved external rotation at the shoulder and activation of the rotator cuff muscles. The slight variation that places the elbows high and further behind the body is going to totally change the mechanics of the movement at the shoulder, throwing the joint into internal rotation instead. This is something you don’t want, especially with the elevation of the arms if you choose to do so.

The next two variations of this are something you can do with far less equipment. The first is going to require just a beach towel and something heavy. Lay the towel out flat, put the weight in the middle, fold the towel horizontally and pick it up with an underhand grip. From here, simply lift the towel up towards the face and spread the hands as you do. This will simulate what happens when you pull the two ropes apart during a face pull.

If you don’t have a towel but do have your old gym bag (that you’re not using right now as you stay at home to workout), you can still do this important upper body exercise. Load up the bag with a few items like some books or water bottles to add some light to moderate weight to the bag. Remember, for the face pull you don’t need to add heavy weight. The key is doing the movement right to get the benefits of the home exercise.

Finally, if you don’t have access to either a bag or a towel, you can do the doorway variation of the facepull. Here you want to stand inside a room and step your feet into the other room on the other side of the doorway. Your hands should also go against the door frame on the outside of the door. Be sure to use the back of your hands to do this. From here, allow your body to lay back so your arms extend out in front of you. Push against the back of your hands to pull your body back to the top to engage the same muscles used during the face pull done more traditionally.

As always you have the option to add the extension of the arms overhead for the extra lower trap engagement.

Give this a try and let me know how it works for you. Remember, just because you train at home doesn’t mean that you can’t get the benefits of the best home exercises. This is just one example of that. If you are looking for a complete home workout that uses nothing but your own bodyweight, be sure to check out at the link below and grab the ATHLEAN XERO program.

For more home workout videos and exercises to build muscle at home, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at the link below and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

Build Muscle at Home
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