The Mechanics Of Wealth In Affiliate Marketing

AFFILIATE MARKETING BASICS: The Mechanics of Wealth in Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing: It can and should be very simple.

Most people complicate it.

At its core, affiliate marketing is simply being able to recommend and promote other people’s brands, products and services for a commission.


You like a product, service or brand…

You get an affiliate link for it…

You put that link in front of other people and recommend that they check out and buy the product…

Sales get made.

You get a commission for sending that company a new customer.

That’s it.



Free enterprise.

So, the core of affiliate marketing is very simple.

What we do from there is teach people how to increase their marketing and promotion skills so that they can send in more traffic, collect more leads, follow up better with those prospects and close more sales.

This is how you can make more money with affiliate marketing.

To do this, we use “marketing funnels” and direct response marketing strategies.


First: Lead Capture Page. Free offer collects email leads.

Second: Video Presentation Page. Delivers your presentation 24/7

Third: Email Follow Up. Daily emails invite back to presentation.

Fourth: Social Media Networking. Establishes rapport. Builds Trust.

Using this recipe you can leverage the power, reach and speed of the internet to close more sales. You can take yourself through a simple system like this by clicking here and take notes of how everything is laid out. It’s a very simple and direct way to leverage into a high converting affiliate marketing system that pays 100% commissions and no monthly fees.

Just market and make money.

SUPER SIMPLE MONEY MAKER: Use a system like this to generate faster cash in affiliate marketing…


The Easiest Way To Create $500 Days Online

 How to Create $500 & $1000 Days Online

If you’re new, you need to watch this video.

Creating $500 & $1000 Days Online is a Matter of Choice

You make a decision to do it.

Then you work a plan specifically designed to attract other people who agree with this vision.

You then take massive action daily and you generate that level of cash flow by design.

This is not for everybody.

Not every person is focused on creating high cash flow days online.

Some people simply don’t believe they can do it, so that stops them before they ever get started.

Others are so skeptical and over analytical that they self sabotage themselves at every possible step. It’s hard to help people who are so focused on stopping their own success.

But then are some people open minded enough to see this concept clearly for what it is…

…a direct path and plan to more money with the same or less effort using smart leverage and automation.

Are you ready for $500 days, though?

Click here and let’s get to work; if you are.

What Would You Do To Get Started Today? The THREE PILLARS Strategy

COACHING SESSION: What Would You Do To Get Started Today? The THREE PILLARS Strategy

SIMPLE FREEDOM: The THREE PILLAR Strategy to Starting Your Online Business

Trial and error has been one of my most effective teachers.

Lots of trials. Millions of errors. So, if I can figure it out, so can you.

I came online to figure out how to take my basic sales and marketing skills and apply them so that I could generate leads, prospects and sales on the internet.

The reason I wanted to learn how to apply sales and marketing skills online was to replace my real estate marketing cash flow and be able to earn cash flow from marketing and sales 24/7 and globally so that I could move my family to a nice tiny town and get the hell out of the insanity of the big city.

So I started with a very specific purpose.

Start with the end in mind.

What’s your VISION?

What’s your purpose? Why are you even trying to think about doing this stuff? That will mean more in the end than all the programs, tactics, systems and “funnels” you end up going through.

Learn the Basics: Study the Game

After quickly studying the arena and learning how people were using the internet to make sales I had to find out which models worked and which models didn’t quite work to create full time level income quicker and which models and programs and strategies worked consistently versus those that were “HOT” for a few months and fizzled.

Some Models Didn’t Work Out Like I Wanted and Others Were MISERABLE to Build (in my opinion)…

It was really frustrating to have to rebuild again and again in certain models for what I thought were really stupid reasons, so it led me down a rabbit hole where I built my own online business “infrustructure” of tools, training, product offerings and compensation models that stood the test of time and were far more consistent and sustainable for the kind of lifestyle I wanted to build.

I call it the THREE PILLARS OF FREEDOM in my own business:

  1. Tools & Training
  2. BIG CASH Affiliate Marketing Programs
  3. INVESTING: Crypto and Traditional Markets

With those three pillars I could put a few powerful kinds of leverage and automation to work for me:

  1. Technology & Social Media Leverage: Network Monetization 24/7 Global
  2. Compensation Model Leverage: Passive and Residual Income
  3. Investing Leverage: Having money itself working for you.

When I know people are actually serious about learning this and starting their own cash flow generation businesses online and they ask me how they should start out, I always advise them by telling them my personal story and explaining my own journey so they can come up with a set of strategies and models that will work best for them.

As long as you’re serious and not just kicking tires or getting wrapped up in the counter-productive, stupid “culture” of “trolling” or being obsessed with being cynical toward other people, I’m sure just about anyone can also build a cash flow machine online that is very portable, mobile, global and lucrative enough to create a six-figure full time income.

If you resonate and can relate with this info, and would like to learn more, just click below and follow me around online and I’ll share everything I know and everything I’m constantly learning about this stuff and help you as best as I can.


Post Card Design and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

POST CARD DESIGN and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

How to Generate Traffic & Leads with Simple Post Cards

I love getting post cards out there in the market because they’re so simple.

The best thing you can focus on with your home business is keeping it as simple as possible so that masses of people can duplicate it. This is how you grow front end and back end volume of sales.

One simple way to do that is to have a couple post card designs ready to mail out or pass out at all times.

A Post Card Campaign on Facebook?

This same post card design can be used as an online image and posted on social networking platforms like facebook. It’s super simple to create these using your local printer or online printers like Vistaprint.

Here’s the front of my new post card:

And here’s the back side:

And here’s another design for the back side:

How Can You Use These Marketing Post Cards?

I usually keep many of these in my cars and share them liberally when I’m out and about living life.

Leaving a tip after a good meal?

Leave a post card with your tip.

Leave in coffee shops.

Leave in places you do business in.

Share with people directly.

Automated Post Card Campaign Done For You?

Or, order some targeted leads on labels from business opportunity buyers and stick a label and a post card stamp on them and drop them in the mail box.

One of the reasons I love the Vertex Lead System is because inside their back office in the offline marketing resources page, you get access to a post card marketing source that is completely automated.

You basically just order your post card campaign and give them your capture page link and they take care of everything else for you. You can also just buy leads on labels from them if you want to do your own manual mailouts but for many people looking for an autopilot way to promote their offer, they do a great job of getting the message out.

Use your imagination and be creative.

It’s all about getting your message out there and making it simple and easy for people to consume your free information in your marketing funnel.

On social media sites like facebook, simply post your image once a day or every other day and work to build your audience daily with your networking, connecting, commenting and engaging on facebook with other people all the time.

This is just one strategy in your collection of productive activities.

This is business development.

It’s not the end all and be all, but it’s a good solid strategy that is easy, cheap and effective for people to duplicate with minimal hassles. Consistency is key.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: The Easiest Way to Make Money From Home Online