How To Turn A Free System Giveaway Into Leads

How to Turn a Free Marketing System Giveaway into Free Leads and Cash Flow with the Free Lead System Forever Marketing Funnel by Power Lead System…


Free Lead System Forever. It’s a great funnel inside of the Power Lead System.

It allows free members to receive a complete marketing funnel which includes lead capture page, video sales page, follow up email campaign, comprehensive back office and access into our internet marketing training centers absolutely free.

Free members can use it to promote, market and advertise so that it can build their email list. There is never any fee to use the Free Lead System Forever funnel. Instead of a financial fee to use the system, it simply splits the leads coming into it. The free member gets a lead then their sponsor gets a lead and on and on. It’s a 50/50 split of leads.

It’s a creative “win/win” solution for both the free member and their sponsor.

The funnel is also plugged into the “continuity, back end marketing system” pre-built into Power Lead System so that inside the back office of Free Lead System Forever, the system promotes the affiliate’s “primary offer” or any offer they want in two ways:

  1. Every follow up email promotes the affiliate’s primary offer.
  2. The back office promotes the affiliate’s primary offer.

In addition to promoting the free member’s main affiliate offer, the back office also introduces free members into the upgrad offers of Power Lead System itself, gradually working them up to Lead Lightning, then the PLS offers of Diamond and Platinum membership.

Most people don’t realize Free Lead System Forever is even available, and most that do, don’t realize some of it’s advantages so I wanted to create this review to raise awareness. It’s a great offer and I use it on my blog and in videos as above, to have the system sell itself, generate leads for me as well as an ongoing stream of upgrade cash flow.

You can use it too to take a free offer into the market and flip that free offer into over $1526 in commissions per person. It’s a great system and you don’t have reinvent any part of it. A great way to really learn good affiliate marketing strategy and design so that you can create your own complete offers in the future.

Click here to review the “Free Lead System.”

Click here to review the $7 Lead Lightning system.

Click here to review the $500 Per Day marketing system.


Power lead System Affiliate Marketing Passive Income Funnel Review

Automated Passive Income Machine: Power Lead System and Affiliate Marketing School Review

I’ve been using the Power Lead System to build funnels and create passive income and cash flow in affiliate marketing for years.

It works.

Every funnel I use or create can be “share coded” and given immediately to a whole affiliate army.

You can have as many automated sales systems, funnels, lead capture pages working for you twenty for hours a day selling whatever affiliate offer, service or program you want.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and create everything from scratch.

You can use “done-for-you” share coded pages and complete systems and funnels.

All you do is edit them slightly and you can make as many “clones” of your favorite funnels as you want to sell as many offers as you’d like.

Power Lead System is like the affiliate marketing industry’s great equalizer and replicator. With it you can create whatever lead generation or sales message tool and once you have it dialed in and working, you can clone it unlimited times and sell into any offer you want.

If you’re an affiliate “going your own way” (affiliate mgtow lol) and looking to create passive cash flow and online sales with automation and even replicate affiliate teams so you force duplication and scale into an affiliate marketing organization, you can use Power Lead System to keep it simple.

PLS is focused on support, training and service to affiliate marketing newbies, which is very different than all other funnel page creation tool offers out there where most are only focused on experienced internet marketers and don’t provide the level of “step by step” support, tutorials, mentorship and training that PLS does.

And for affiliate marketers looking for robust compensation plans, nothing beats the Power Lead System affiliate program. You get up to three and even four times more upfront commissions per sale than any other average “home business” comp plan and you do it on a pricepoint many times three times lower.

So you make 4 times more and pay 3 times less than other home business programs.

This means it’s more efficient. You can create way more sustainable and passive cash flow here from a sticky product line on the same marketing and promotion effort you would use anyway to make “peanuts” with other more expensive, complicated affiliate programs and home based network marketing business models.

It’s just smarter business.

When you combine Power Lead System with the Simple Freedom Club family of affiliate programs you can focus in and create both the upfront full time cash flow you want to be free and financially cash flow independent as well as create that time freedom producing passive income from a strong, evergreen, sustainable monthly subscription income system.

Combine both.

Follow my training.

Use my share code funnels and systems (I’m always funnel hacking inside with this thing) and focus on attracting leads daily. I’ll use my systems inside both programs to help you close sales and create the kinds of cash flow you need to truly go your own way and live a life of your own design.

That’s what Simple Freedom and Power Lead System are all about.

Review one of my many Power Lead System automated sales funnels here (comprehensive funnel includes orientation training and fast start for all your new affiliates).

Review my short and quick Power Lead System automated sales funnel here (just two pages create cash flow).

Review my Simple Freedom Club here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m always here to help you out.

Talk soon,



How To Create Cash Flow With One Simple Email Per Day

Email Marketing Mastery How to Create Cash Flow with One Simple Email Per Day

Writing One Simple Email Daily Has Built Me a Six Figure Income Online and You Can Do the Same

When I learned how to use simple funnels online and support them by writing just one simple email per day and having my email list click on a link to get back to my presentations inside the funnel, everything changed.

I finally started generating sales.

Once I saw that I could convert one sale online, I knew I could create hundreds of sales online and I knew I’d found a way to create a steady “cash flow pipeline” on the Internet.

But then I hit a wall.

I had no trouble driving automated traffic into my funnels and creating that first sale.

But it ended there.

And only monetizing that “front end” cash flow wasn’t enough to build a full time income.

So then I focused on solving that problem.

Back End Marketing Mastery: Where the BIG MONEY Lives…

Back end marketing is where you turn a “hobby cash flow” model into a six-figure full time income model and I did it by plugging my front end funnel and traffic strategies into a smart back end funnel that created a few very important things for my business:

  1. RETENTION: Repeat customers. Residual monthly cash flow.
  2. FREEDOM CASH: Big ticket commissions from inside the same funnel.

$500 & $1,000 Days Online, Consistently


Using a smart model designed to create $500 days with just one customer and $1,000 days with just one or two customers (who already enjoyed buying from me) was the key to full time SUSTAINABLE, consistent cash flow.

Many programs come and go and as an affiliate marketer I like to offer my list a variety of options because I know that “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” and I like the freedom and stability of owning my own cash flow affiliate program like Simple Freedom Club, but when I was new I didn’t need or want any of that to create full time cash flow.

When I was a newbie the most profitable thing I learned how to do was to plug into a proven marketing system that was already designed to create the kinds of cash flow I needed to be “full time” in my own online business.

So I focused on becoming a prolific PROMOTER and LEAD GENERATOR into a proven funnel that created both front end and back end sales for me without needing to become some “gooroo” or build a “brand” before I had any experience or results to show.

This is the secret so many new people miss.

I’ve used the Power Lead System for years precisely because that’s exactly what it allows me to do. It’s also a tremendous teaching tool that I use to teach these proven strategies to new people so they don’t go through immense and expensive “learning curves” and can learn exactly what I did to build a full time income from scratch online.

I use this funnel.

It creates great leads easily from my #1 automated traffic source and also from my postings on facebook. It just is a flat out great lead generator without the drama.

It also includes everything you need to have a very smart “back end marketing funnel” building retention, sticky monthly commissions, big ticket upgrades and passive cash flow from a growing affiliate sales organization.

The cherry on top?

PLS also provides all the training you and your customers and affiliates will ever need. Everyone gets access to a great community focused on education and training and it’s a great experience for new members just starting out and learning the basics.


  1. Lead Capture Pages: One, Two, Three samples.
  2. Sales Page: Presents for you 24/7
  3. Overview Webinar: Weekly live and 24/7 recorded.
  4. Marketing Training: Free Internet Marketing Training Page.

There’s much more but you’ll get a good feel for this system and community flowing through those pages. People ask me, “What should I do if I’m just starting out?” And I always recommend they start with my Power Lead System and grow from there. It’s the smartest way.

With PLS as your “main hub” for creating all the pages and funnels you’ll ever need, even if you decided to promote into an affiliate program that paid you 100% commission, you can simply create your own mini funnel and dominate it like with this funnel here.

You can promote into anything you want with funnels created with Power Lead System.

It’s easier and more cost effective to use PLS than many of the other high priced, high tech skill tool suites out there. For newbies, there’s nothing easier to learn with than PLS and there’s no other program out there that’s going to give you as much training, education and support as this one.