Creating Effective Scalable Cash Flow Affiliate Marketing Systems and Funnels

Smart Funnel Hacking: How to Promote into or Create Scale Friendly Cash Flow Affiliate Marketing Funnels and Systems

Keep it simple. It’s usually the most profitable way to go in the world of affiliate marketing.

Focus on marketing into or creating scalable cash flow affiliate marketing systems and funnels that even beginners can be productive with.

It doesn’t help anyone when the tech tool is so confusing and complicated (and the affiliate program pays peanuts) that beginners can barely use it and don’t stick around to learn it.

I learned that the hard way.

Glam shots on instagram and gooroo videos from polished youtube accounts that look like main stream media channels often make it seem like beginners can use fancy tech and tools and get results, when it’s usually the exact opposite.

If tech tools and “systems” and all the gooroo info coaching stuff is over their heads, confusing, overwhelming and way too time consuming, it won’t get used. And if they don’t get used, users won’t continue to pay monthly for them. Attrition puts these offers in the red or out of business.

Affiliate teams disappear or at best are absolutely non-productive.

Keep stuff simple.

Use tools that beginners can actually use quickly and consistently.

Until next time, go make some money.