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I’m Brand New: Newbie Advice Simple FreedomĀ  Training Affiliate Marketing School


If you’re brand new and wondering what’s a legit way to make your own money online, I’d start with learning about affiliate marketing.

It’s about the simplest way to learn a couple key skills, take action and see results then scale up with profits. Most people over complicate this because there is a GIANT “stoopid market” that internet gooroos sell into and they get paid to make this stuff seem complicated.

It’s not.

They’re just narcissistic and have to feed their attention demons.

So get away from that nonsense or decide whether you’re really here to learn simple skills that make your business money or if you’re just here using this just to feed your selfie addiction and narcissistic need for attention.

If you’re here to learn money making skills for marketing and selling just about anything legit online, then affiliate marketing is the yellow brick road to going your own way and learning how to create your own cash flow.

You can plug into my style and content of simplifying this stuff on my platforms below and join the club to monetize my training without reinventing the wheel.
Go your own way.
Stop being their slave.
Stop allowing them to domesticate you.
Refuse to be emasculated.
Stop being their tax cow.
Stop being their “right now option.”
Stop being cash flow “friend zoned.”
Learn to create your own cash flow.
It solves a ton of issues; believe me.
That’s it for today… and, cheers.