Daily Digital Club Marketing System

NEW FUNNEL REVIEW: Daily Digital Club Marketing System


Daily Digital Club  member to member program is live.

Here’s a powerful, but simple two-page marketing funnel you can create to promote the Daily Digital Club.

I like it because it includes both high tech (automation and leverage) along with high touch (personal connection and service) at the same time, built right into the two pages.

Page one is a very direct lead capture page. It’s sole job is to collect leads for you and build your email list so you can follow up and connect with your prospects.

Page two is a personalized “intro” or “bridge” page with a video that sets the stage for your main offer by connecting the prospect to you, personally, delivering high levels of customer attention and passes your direct contact information to your prospects to make it easy and convenient for them to connect with you to get any of their questions answered.

The buttons on the second page direct your prospect to your  to your main video sales page of the Daily Digital Club offer.

Everything a serious prospect needs to get fully informed and to directly connect to you is on that second page and in the main presentation which is only 7 minutes.

A simple two-page information delivery funnel like this is a powerful sales closer when you back it up with effective follow up technique, which we teach inside our affiliate marketing school. This specific funnel was created using the Power Lead System.



Daily Digital Club Live

Daily Digital Club Quick Overview


Daily Digital Club  member to member program is live.

We are the only worldwide member to member 100% Payout program with NO 𝗮𝗱𝗺𝗶𝗻 𝗳𝗲𝗲 to help you during these trying economic times.

Get started today and start sharing early. This will be the hottest worldwide program going and the best part is it’s gr8 during these difficult times because it’s the only member to member 100% Payout program with NO ADMIN FEE! *Immediate Payout

For the many that work with me on all my other projects this is a wonderful addition and I suggest you add it to our biz portfolio as I have. I work all just as hard with leadership effort.

I feel this program is by far the biggest no-brainer on the
planet right now.

Here are the highlights of the program..

1.) A cost of only $25/ to begin (with ZERO admin fees whatsoever)

2.) Break-Even Simply By Referring One Person (No-Brainer!)

3.) Reverse 2-Up Pay Plan (also benefit highly from the efforts of your personal referrals)

4.) Access to great products valued at several $100s!

5.) A Great Website with 2 very professional and powerful
movies that explain it ALL to your prospects for you! More Coming soon

6.) Many very powerful live webinars per week where the
that presents the entire program to your
prospects for you.

7.) Weekly live webinar training on how to market in mass.
This is VERY powerful stuff.

8.) And soooo much more…

I highly doubt you will EVER find a program where you will
get this much bang for your buck and the ability to build
a residual income as fast anywhere else.

RUSH and get started at: