Daily Prospects On Parade With Your Start Here Page

BLOG TRAINING: Daily Prospects On Parade with Your Start Here Page

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Smart blogging.

Most people don’t make any money with their blogs. It’s usually because “bloggers” don’t have a clue about marketing. And they certainly have no clue about “direct response marketing.”

Here’s a little direct response “content marketing” strategy that’s actually made me a significant amount of money since 2006 when I created this blog.

I call it a “start here” page.

Since from the very inception of this blog, it’s been about target “direct response marketing” into a specific niche, having a “Start Here” page for aspiring affiliate marketers created a prospect pipeline that works its magic 24/7.

It allows people to both, get to know who you are and what you’re about, as well as it sifts and sorts targeted leads into your affiliate funnels.

It’s pretty simple and you can use your imagination and get as creative as you want with it.

You can click here and review the flow of my “Start Here” page and model whatever concept or idea serves you, into your own pages.

See you next time.

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