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The Simple Freedom Podcast: Your Daily Dose of Internet Marketing Simplification.

If you’re doing business on the internet or run a business where you want to leverage the internet to find more customers, generate more leads and sell more of your products and services, this podcast is a coaching program that will save you time, money and frustration.

What you will learn as a subscriber of the show:

1. Online and Offline Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Strategies

2. Branding and Attraction Marketing Techniques that Actually SELL.

3. List Building Mastery and Automated Sales Funnel Creation

4. Social Media Marketing Skills

5. Traffic Generation Strategies

6. Lead Conversion Tactics

7. Multiple Income Stream Creation

8. Automated Presentation System Creation

9. How to have me close all your sales personally

10. How to get cash daily from my podcast selling for you

Follow the strategies today and apply them to your business and you will see increases in traffic, leads and sales.

Be sure to subscribe and enjoy the podcast on your daily commute, on your job, at the gym, walking your dog or sitting on a beach somewhere.

You can take this podcast anywhere and we’re always here 24 hours a day.

Subscribe today and carry this show in your smart phone so wherever you may be, you’ll have access to some of the most cutting edge, effective and fast direct response marketing strategies to implement in your business.

And if you’re on my affiliate team, this podcast is working to close all our sales and send you daily cash.

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Here’s How the Simple Freedom Book Makes You Money

  1. Order it on kindle and read it 3-5 times.
  2. Have 20 paperbacks in your car at all times.
  3. Have your Simple Freedom hoodie on.
  4. Have your Simple Freedom cap on.
  5. Be at starbucks sipping on your Simple Freedom mug.
  6. Share the book with humans.
  7. They want a simple way to make side hustle cash.
  8. Don’t “sell” Simple Freedom to them at all.
  9. Just let them know the book makes them money.
  10. Let the book do the work for you.
  11. The book leads them to the podcast.
  12. The book leads them to the system.
  13. The book leads them to free information.
  14. The book leads them to me (in your name).
  15. I close them for you.
  16. The system closes them for you.
  17. See how this system is online and offline?
  18. Nobody has this complete a system.
  19. This thing makes it so simple.
  20. This system creates cash for you.
  21. You just live life, smile and share the book.
  22. Share simple freedom and keep it simple.
  23. This is how it should have been all along.
  24. Anyone can do this.
  25. Share book with humans: make cash.
  26. Now go get this system.

Let me close all your sales and help you build your business online.

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