Simple Freedom Follow Up Training

Plan, Scripts, Email and Booklet

(Be sure to print this out and swipe the voice mail and emails below. That’s very
important as this will get you going faster with your own 90-Day blitz or DMO
(Daily Method of Operation).

Remember, this is a process. You are looking for people whose window of
opportunity is open NOW… and for those that have a network of people they can
immediately plug into your team. You’re simply confirming they joined your FREE
email newsletter and are sending them a “Training Package” in the mail, or just
inviting them to your training site (affiliate link and facebook).

The content below helps answer questions about how to run this kind of follow up
plan which combines proactive offline phone, voicemail, email, mail prospecting
with our internet marketing for a complete DMO and process.

Our focus is to recruit new reps into your Simple Freedom team.

The System is SIMPLE and contains just a couple parts:

1. A Phone Burner System to leverage your contacts (*optional if using this for
cold leads).

2. Leads to contact. Leads you’ve generated with your marketing or bought.

3. Live call script.

4. Voicemail script (system leaves this for you).

5. Email to send in follow up.

6. Booklet to send in mail in follow up.

7. Your affiliate link to Power Lead System or a Simple Freedom offer etc.

The PROCESS is simple too:

1. Dial your leads.
2. Leave voicemail.
3. Send email.
4. Send booklet in mail.
5. Follow up and collect a decision.


You’re GIVING them access to free information about a simple way to make
money online and access to free training, so you’re not hard selling anything.
You’re simply providing great customer service and building a relationship with a
new teammate. You’re also asking them if they’re open and serious about

That makes this a lot easier and fun to do since you won’t be “hard pitching”
anything, just giving them a free tour and training and a package in the mail for
free (if you want to send it).

Below you’ll find an effective phone script for live calls and also one to
leave as voicemail. Remember, you can adjust these to your personality.

There is no “perfect” email or voice mail.

The best one is the one YOU believe in and will do day in and day out, just like I
do. The magic is not just in showing up, but in doing the MUNDANE every day
activity like clockwork.

Call your sponsor or email them with your questions and I’ll help you if needed
too. We’re a team here… a family and I want you to succeed. I’m focused on
helping you do that.

Beginning of Swipe Files


“Hi John? Hey there John, this is Charles Williams calling you from
the Simple Freedom Club in Montgomery, Alabama, how are you

The purpose of my call today John is you recently joined my Simple
Freedom Email Newsletter (or “requested info about making
money online) and I wanted to verify your email and send you over
a video link and a FREE Package of Training and Information so
you can learn about how I can help you make money.

The training package is free but I won’t send it without your
permission. Are you interested in the free training package?

Great, I have you at is that correct? Great, I’ll
send that over right now and be looking for an email that is from
me, Charles Williams, and the subject line that says: “We just
spoke on the phone”. The video is about 24 minutes long.

Now for the package, I have your mailing address at 123 First St.
in San Diego, CA 12345… is that your correct mailing address?

Great I’ll get that out to you. You should receive that in 3-4 days.

Now, what would be a good time to follow up and answer any
questions that you have about our system and training?”


This is a super low key approach. You are looking for people who
are looking. Trying to get into a 10 minute phone call is not
productive at this point.


“You are VERY BUSY and don’t have time to discuss details right

This call is less than a minute. Verify their information, tell them
what’s coming and set another time to talk. Don’t get off the
phone until you set another appointment.

If they are uncommitted just say:

“Can I be real honest and candid with you John? Ok great, look, we
are looking for partners that are ready to make money right now.
You know, serious people.

I’d like for you to watch the video to see if it’s something you want
more information on, or know anyone in your area who would like
to. No high pressure, I’m just looking for the right person.”


Subject Line: John, we just spoke on the phone

Hi John,

Here’s the video link I promised on the phone that explains how
our program works and how you can start making money from

The training and information package is in the mail too.

I’ll call you at the time we agreed upon to see if this program is a
fit or a match for you, or anyone you know who is wanting to
make more money every month.


Charles Williams
(786) 383-0926
Your Facebook Link Here

PS You can call or email me after you review the information to
answer any of your questions as well.



“Hi John, this is Charles Williams calling you from the Simple
Freedom Club in Alabama.

The purpose of my call today John is you recently joined my Simple
Freedom Email Newsletter at (www. YOUR LINK HERE .com) and I
wanted to let you know I’m emailing you a video link that gives
you more information about our business and how you can profit
from it. I’ll be sending the video link to .

Be looking for an email from Charles Williams with the subject line
of “I just left you a voice mail message.” The site again is www.

I also have a Free Training and Info Package I’d like to send to your
door. It’s free. It teaches you exactly how this system works to
make you money and if you want that mailed, I just need to verify
your mailing address and get it to you asap.

I’ll give you a call tomorrow to answer any questions you might
have. Thank you and have a great day!”



Subject Line: John, I just left you a voice mail.

Hi John,

Here’s the video link I promised on the phone that explains how
our Simple Freedom program works and how you can start
making money from home, this month online.

I also have a Training and Information Package I’d like to mail to
your address with your permission. It’s free and it teaches you
how my simple system works to help you get results. I just need
to verify your mailing address and I’ll send it out asap. Please reply
to this email with your mailing address and I’ll send it right out.

I’ll call you tomorrow to see if this program is a fit or a match for
you, or anyone you know who is wanting to make more money
every month.


Charles Williams
(786) 383-0926

Your Facebook Link Here

PS You can call or email me to answer any of your questions as

—————————— End of Swipe Files —————————–


Tools I use to make this system work:

1. Power Lead System.

2. Simple Freedom Programs (Simple Freedom Club, Clicks To Profit, TA,
List Leverage).

3. Mobile Phone.

4. Facebook Account.

5. Email Account.

6. Simple Freedom Booklet.


1. Phone Burner AutoDial, Email and Voicemail System:

2. Quality Leads: Profit Leads or Little Ticket to Wealth Leads. (Little Ticket Leads)

(Of course use YOUR SPONSOR’S link for this!)

YES. You can actually modify this training and this communication
do it correctly and use a COMPLETE SYSTEM like this.

I use Profit Leads by Robert Blackman and I also offer leads from
Tim Berger’s Little Ticket To Wealth program (good leads,
cheapest prices) because he not only gives you good leads, but
also backs it up with great training material and a LOT of bonus
education that really helps.

There is an affiliate monthly commission program here that allows
you to not only get free leads, but make good money as your
team duplicates. Learn more about it at the link above (from your
Simple Freedom sponsor).

As your team duplicates this, you end up first, having FREE LEADS
every month for your personal production. As your team grows
more, you end up making additional income from the leads
program too. It’s a smart system.


I use to make my dials, leave voicemail to
all leads on autopilot and send emails for me. That way, I can be
multi-tasking with emails, etc., and be making calls at the same
time. I’m able to make 50 calls in about 45 minutes.

I can call 100 people in 90 minutes. Not talk to 100 people, but
call 100. I connect with about 30 live calls. The other 70 get a
voice mail and email that I’ve pre-recorded and pre-written.

So, that makes calling a SNAP and I actually look forward to it
instead of DREADING making calls.

At 100 a day, Monday thru Friday, that’s 2,000 people a month I
call and email…which seems like a lot at first, but with the
automated dialer that calls for you, leaves a voicemail and sends
an email you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

I no longer dial numbers one at a time.

I no longer have to leave the same voice mail message all day over
and over again. I no longer have to cut and paste email after

Phone Burner does all that for me!

I usually connect with 15 live prospects out of every 50 people I
call. That’s about a 30% connect rate. Some days it’s less and
some days it’s more, but I average about 30%.

Phone Burner also has a contact manager with it and sends me
appointment reminders to my email account on my smart phone.
So, if I’m not in the office I can look at my email and click on their
phone number and prospect away!

The system leaves voice mails and sends emails for me, so it’s the
most automated system I know where you can talk “live” to a

I then verify the prospect’s mailing address and also mail the
Simple Freedom Booklet. That way they see they are working with
a professional who has a COMPLETE SYSTEM to offer them that is
offline and online.

Phone Burner’s got a 7-day trial to kick the tires, so try it out on
your own. Go here now to begin your own 7-day trial:

To start working with me in your own 90-day blitz find me on
facebook and let me know you’re IN, and let’s crush this.


Charles Williams
(786) 383-0926

P.S. You do NOT have to use this for “cold prospecting” but it IS an
OPTION for people who’d rather do this in addition to or instead
of online marketing. I’d start with online marketing and use this
training for your follow up process first. Take it from there.