Simple Freedom Club Welcome Letter


Hey there my friend!

My name is Charles Williams and I’m an affiliate of Simple Freedom Club.

Welcome to the Simple Freedom Club team.

I’m glad you’re here and my #1 focus is to help you generate great results online. I want to help you make some money daily, weekly, monthly without wasting any time so here’s a quick plan of action:


  1. Login to your Simple Freedom Club back office and go through the steps.
  2. Join the members only facebook group for daily support.
  3. Take action on our simple strategies.

Here’s How to Find Me So I Can Help You:

  1. My email notifications list:

  2. Training Blog:

  3. Facebook:

  4. Text me: 786-383-0926

I’m really looking forward to helping you make daily sales with Simple Freedom Club.

Be sure to take the simple messages I give you inside the training and share it with 25 people offline and online as fast as you can and we can jump start your earnings as soon as this week.

Again, welcome to the team!


Charles Williams
Simple Freedom Club