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SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB: Fast Start Training

Welcome to Simple Freedom Club

You’re going to love it inside this Club.

Please review everything on this page so I can help you get started fast inside the Club and start making some consistent money as an affiliate.

These steps will guarantee that you’re plugged into all our training so you’re never left alone.

My #1 mission here at Simple Freedom Club is to give you two things:

  1. Solid Internet Marketing Training
  2. A Stable SYSTEM that Makes You Money LONG TERM

I’m here at all our training platforms below to help you open and close sales so please know you can call on me at anytime to help you.

My full contact information:

Charles Williams
cell/text: 786-383-0926




1. Save your login info.

The Club uses your EMAIL and PASSWORD to login and your USERNAME is used in your affiliate link.

Your link for the back office login is:

2. Pay your member fee ($25) one time.

Typically you pay this directly to your sponsor but if they do not have personal payment methods yet, you can pay here at this link:

3. Pay your admin fee ($10) one time.

Pay your ONE TIME admin fee here at this convenient payment page.

4. Register for Member’s Email Updates List here.

This is how we communicate directly with you and send you trainings. You can also reply to any of my emails and have a direct line of communication with me so I can help you make money FASTER.


5. Join Member’s Facebook Group here.

This is where your Training PRODUCT is delivered to you. You paid $35 for membership in this club. This GROUP is where you get most of your product DELIVERED to you. Easy. 24 Hours Access and Fast for me to deliver training to you daily. All for a one time $35 no-brainer.

When you are in the group please know that EVERYTHING I post in there is both TRAINING and many times also IMAGES, WORDS, PHRASES and TACTICS you can use immediately in your own promotions and marketing.

CLICK PHOTOS: You can use the image in your marketing and you will see the “training concept” in the words I post when I upload photos there.

CLICK VIDEOS: Same here. You first LEARN from my videos then USE THEM AS EXAMPLES for videos you can make too.

MAKE COMMENTS: If you have any questions about marketing or promotion or sales, simply COMMENT under the training post you have questions about. This is how I help you. I then answer right there so everyone has the answer and I use your questions to make even more training videos for our club. Thank you for your engagement and feedback.

6. Upload a picture to your profile in your Simple Freedom Club back office.

7. Locate and save your affiliate link in the back office.

You will see three links. Your capture page link (for affiliates who do not have their own funnels). Your video sales page (the most popular link affiliates use). Your JOIN PAGE link which only experienced affiliate marketers use who build their own complete funnels.

8. Bookmark Charles Williams Training Blog.

The heart beat of all our training. Your main platform to access all my marketing and training content so you can learn from it and also MODEL IT in your own marketing later as your skills elevate.

9. Bookmark/Subscribe Simple Freedom Video Channel.

Our main training platform.

Subscribe to that channel and click the little grey bell so you’re completely plugged into our training video content.

10. Subscribe to Simple Freedom Podcast (training).

The fastest, most convenient way to receive our training directly to your phone.


11. Setup your Email List Building Sales Funnel.


Some affiliates already have their favorite funnel building systems like Power Lead System or Lead Pages or ClickFunnels etc. It doesn’t matter which tool you prefer as long as you create a simple capture page (model any of my designs) and lead your prospects to your Simple Freedom Club video sales page affiliate link.

However, if you do NOT have a funnel creation tool yet, and you want to model what we do here and have access to all my share coded sales funnels and pages, I recommend you become a GOLD member in Power Lead System which gives you access to all my share codes.

You can grab Power Lead System from your sponsor’s link inside your FREEDOM VAULT in the Club back office.

12. Get traffic.

Once you have a simple funnel, which is a way to collect leads from paid traffic orders, all you need is to order traffic direct to your capture page link.

We recommend our own sources of traffic, because we use them and they turn into “silent income streams” later as your growing affiliate team uses them too.

But you can use whatever traffic source you want.

Our recommended traffic sources are found in the TRAFFIC/LEADS section of your FREEDOM VAULT.

13. Promote on Social Media.

We give you almost daily images and post copy that you can immediately use on your own social media accounts inside the Simple Freedom Mastermind Group.

Get inside that facebook group and click on PHOTOS and you will see TONS of  “ready to go” images you can post. You’ll also get training on how to create your own using the tools we use both on laptops and apps for your phone like Canva, WordSwag etc.

14. Setup your Offline Marketing tools (post card, book, business cards).

Order 20 copies of the Simple Freedom Book and share it with people out in town, leave at restaurants, coffee shops etc. It’s a sales tool that trains you and attracts people to learn more about us.

Get some stickers or labels made with your contact info and your link on it and stick those inside the front cover of your books and you’re ready to go.

Inside the GROUP we also post images which are designs you can use for POST CARDS (4×6) and BUSINESS CARDS for prospecting offline.

Just connect with online or take to your local printer in town and they make these easily with your info and link on them.

Keep it simple.

Just get stuff out there direct to people.

Making money as an affiliate of Simple Freedom Club can be very simple.

Do not complicate the process.

As an independent affiliate, you can market and promote however you want.

It’s your business.

You’re the boss.

All you need to do at the end of the day is promote the club and give people your affiliate link.

You can promote it offline or online or both.

But if you came here to model the way I promote affiliate offers and you want to create a home based business with automation and leverage, then the rest of this page is going to walk you through a couple ways you can get setup to market.

We only teach marketing strategies that are evergreen and built to make consistent money for the long term.

That’s precisely why we built Simple Freedom Club the way it’s built.

It’s designed to be a steady affiliate program built for the long haul so we can just keep it simple, use duplication friendly promotional methods and make money here with this program for decades.

The PRODUCT is our own training so it can change and grow and evolve as we need it to.

The compensation structure is a classic “Reverse 1Up” which is designed to pay you most of the money up front plus it pays you full time potential PASSIVE INCOME as you grow an affiliate team under you.


Pay for Club Membership ONE TIME and own it forever.

And also GET PAID for promoting it forever.

Even with just a few referrals that take action, you can create a full time stream of cash flow here.

Obviously, those affiliates who refer more will make more.

And the good thing about CLUB is that there is no race.

You can take your time or go at your own pace and build a strong, sustainable, full time cash flow just promoting CLUB and everything we have inside.


Baby Boomer Home Business Passive Income

1. Build your email list-building FUNNEL.

Free (or super cheap) using the “done-for-you” funnels Power Lead System gives you called FREE LEADS FOREVER FUNNEL and LEAD LIGHTNING FUNNEL.

Get those from your FREEDOM VAULT which will automatically allow you to get them from your Club SPONSOR (if they have them).


Free Leads System Simple Freedom Cash Club MGTOW Home Business Passive Income System

FREE LEADS FOREVER FUNNEL is a free marketing funnel built for cold traffic. It builds your email list and directs leads to your “primary program” which should be setup as Simple Freedom Club.

Simply enter your SF Club video page affiliate link where it asks you for your “primary program.”

Then just order traffic or promote your Free Lead System online or offline and you’ll have a “free funnel” if you
are on a tight budget.


Lead Lightning Sales Funnel Simple Freedom Cash Club MGTOW Home Business Passive Income Program

LEAD LIGHTNING FUNNEL: This funnel is a $7 one time cost.

It pays you $6 per sale and it also directs leads to your “primary program” which you can set as your Simple Freedom Club affiliate link to your video presentation page.

It will build your email list as you drive traffic to it.

This way you can use our paid traffic sources and drive traffic into your funnel and build your email list first.

You follow up with your leads and invite them to CLUB.

You’ll make the $25 commission from CLUB sales and also the $6 pre sale as your team grabs the Lead Lightning funnel if they’re on a tight budget.


It gets you marketing.


Power Lead System Funnel Simple Freedom Club Cash System

Power Lead System GOLD Membership (use your sponsor’s link in your FREEDOM VAULT) is my top recommended funnel system because you automatically get my custom share coded pages and full marketing funnels inside.

This is the fastest, smartest way to model my exact funnels and sell Simple Freedom Club.

As you make sales using my funnels with Power Lead System, you also start to generate monthly subscription income from the affiliate program inside Power Lead System.

This is a smart way to generate multiple streams of income promoting ONE platform as Simple Freedom Club and Power Lead System will build TOGETHER.

New people will get to their back office FREEDOM VAULT and model these funnels and you’ll be paid for all of it.

This is the #1 way I market and build cash flow as an affiliate marketer.



Existing members of Power Lead System can use my share codes and clone any of the pages and funnels I use to market into Simple Freedom Club.


Share Code: 34472-sfclub-capturepage


Share Code: 344762-bridgepage


Share Code: 344762-webinars

Install these share codes in your Power Lead System back office and you can then MAKE COPY of any page and point them to YOUR affiliate link of Simple Freedom Club.


So as a Gold Member you have all three main funnels and can create unlimited capture pages and sales pages whenever you want to promote ANY program or affiliate offer you want.

SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB FUNNEL: Using Power Lead System Gold Membership to Have ALL My Share Codes and Funnel Pages




Content Samurai Video Marketing Simple Freedom Cash Club MGTOW Home Business Passive Income Content Marketing System

Throughout my 18 years marketing online full time the #1 strategy I’ve used to generate leads, make sales and train thousands of affiliates has been with VIDEO MARKETING methods.

VIDEO MARKETING is the best (when you do it right).

The problem is that it’s not duplication friendly and people are sometimes terrified to do video.

Other people are so new and inexperienced that even when they DO create video content, it’s not good enough to get traffic, leads or to make sales.


The solution is a video creation tool called CONTENT SAMURAI.

It’s inside your FREEDOM VAULT and you should click on it and order the free trial from INSIDE your Freedom Vault so that your Club sponsor gets credit.

Content Samurai allows you to create professional marketing videos WITHOUT needing to be on camera or on the microphone so it’s a way to get you into the video marketing game.


And the greatest thing I see in Content Samurai is that the way to create videos is by copy and pasting your own
SCRIPT into Content Samurai and it creates a video for you.

Well, I’m a copywriter and video marketer BY TRADE so now we have a method where I can GIVE YOU SCRIPTS to marketing videos in the member’s group.

You can then simply copy and past my scripts into YOUR Content Samurai and have streams of marketing videos to
upload to facebook and youtube.

I also give you the SEARCH ENGINE TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS to use on your videos so you have EVERYTHING needed to start video marketing.

I also do this for your TEAM so you can have an affiliate army well equipped with video marketing content creating passive income for you.


In your Simple Freedom Club back office inside the FREEDOM VAULT you can click to get the free trial of Content Samurai and then follow my posts in the members facebook group where I give you the video scripts you can use.

You can also edit those scripts however you want.


simple freedom club affiliate marketing school mgtow automated cash flow system direct response marketing training

All you need to get started is:


You are now ready to use online and offline methods to get leads.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Let’s go make you some money.

Let’s keep it simple.

Just take our message direct to the people.

Invite them to a simple place to learn how to make money online.

Give them access and let them register free.

Plug them into our daily training.

And let the system make you money.


Freedom Leverage Cash Club Simple Freedom Club MGTOW Home Business Passive Income System of Affiliate Marketing

Once you grasp our method your vision expands.

You know now that if you can create a $25 commission online you can also create a $250 or $500 or $1000 commission online too.

When you’re ready for fast full time income inside our Automated Sales Duplication System, join our higher levels
inside the club using our FREEDOM LEVERAGE SYSTEM here:

Same concept.

Ten times the money and FASTER.

And this is EXACTLY how I keep marketing FOR YOU inside Club and making you FULL TIME STACKS OF CASH as you keep just inviting new people to register for free.

Because we only invite existing club members to our Private Coaching Club for full time cash flow.

If you’re serious and ready for full time cash flow let me know, as I have a special offer if you’re truly
ready to roll in 48 hours…

…you can get the ALL IN PACKAGE $1,000 level for just $500 one time.

But that’s only for people who are ready to go NOW.

Just email or text me and we can connect.

Review the Freedom Leverage automated sales duplication system here asap and get positioned for big stacks of cash.

Welcome to the Club!