How to Convert Consistent Sales and Build Your Freedom Army with Easy, Cheap Leads


Every internet marketer needs to have stable, consistent access to leads and traffic.

Without leads and traffic you have no business.

In this training you will learn how to have daily leads watching your presentation, flowing through your system and joining your affiliate team with amazing consistency.

How This Manual Makes You Money

1. Read it 3 times.
2. Join Simple Freedom Club.
3. Plug into our training and create leads.
4. Invite them to free training.
5. Let our system + training create cash flow for you.
6. Share this manual. Earn $500+ Weekly just sharing it.

It’s so simple and so obvious, but people miss it…

This is direct, simple and fast.

** YES. This is for “busy” people.
** YES. This works through global economic shut downs.
** YES. This works through global virus pandemics.
** YES. This actually works from YOUR home.
** NOT MLM. This is about cash flow. Free enterprise.
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Keep it simple.



How to Convert Consistent Sales from CHEAP, EASY LEADS

You’re about to learn a simple skill set that allows you to create 2 to 4 daily sales and consistent flow of leads through your system.

You’ll learn how to take the “fear” ouf of making calls, sending emails, or shooting texts out to humans that can create steady cash flow for you.

Below You’ll Discover:

** Phone Scripts that get the job done.
** Emails that get prospects watching your system videos.
** Text messages (so simple) that fill your funnel system with leads.
** How to close your prospects without lame “closing techniques.”
** … and a whole lot more simple stuff that creates cash.


1. Join Simple Freedom Club
2. Setup your simple funnel.
3. Get cheap leads fast.
4. Connect with leads online and offline.
5. Create cash (sales).
6. Plug new people into this training.
7. Rinse & Repeat: Cash Flow Independence.

TARGETED BUYERS: Cheap, Fast Duplication Friendly Leads

What are they?

These kinds of leads are people who have opted into a website looking for more information on starting their own business, or making money from home.

Many of them are already buyers of home based business programs.

These are the best, most targeted leads for offers like ours at Simple Freedom Club.

In fact, as far as “high touch” lead generation, it doesn’t get any more targeted than these leads.

What Simple Freedom Alpha Leads will teach you is how to convert these leads to sales in a duplication friendly way that you won’t hate.

And that’s key.

We’re not about teaching you some “tactics” that are just lame and horrible.

It’s about keeping this simple and fun and PART TIME so you have plenty of quality time to play with your lifestyle and your FULL TIME CASH FLOWS.

Let’s keep it real.

If you keep this simple, it’ll work.

If you complicate it, it won’t.

But that’s all of life, isn’t it?

So anyway, about these leads…

After opting into a website and asking for more info, they are then directed to a call center and they will dial between 24 – 50 people to get one interviewed lead who says they want someone to contact them about making additional money from home.

What information do you get with them?

* First and Last Name
* Email address
* Telephone Number
* How much extra money they’d like to make.
* How much time they have to build.
* If they have $100 to start.
* Gender
* Best time to call.

What kind of response should I expect?

Here are some reasonable expectations:

* 100 calls made
* 20-40 people sent to system
* 10-20 people will actually review system
* 5-10 people will join club at free level
* Commit to at least 90 days of follow up to build pipeline.

You goal is to call, email or text each lead.

Invite them your free system and information.

Send them to a video to watch and offer to help answer their questions after they review.

When you speak/text or email them on follow up, your goal is to start
with the following:

Ask them 4 qualifying questions to get them to either become a free member or an affiliate/paid member of Simple Freedom Club.

There are only three possible outcomes when you call your leads:

1. Get a live caller.
2. Get a voicemail.
3. No answer or no voice mail setup yet.

Sample Phone Script

Speaking to a live prospect:

Hi is this John?

Hey John, this is Charles calling you from Bermuda, how are you doing?

Good, good, so John the reason for my call is important and fast…
I only have a couple minutes…

My system creates lists for me every day of people who are involved or were involved at some time in making money from home or making money online…

And your name was in today’s list.

Have you been involved with a home or online business before?

Ok great…

Look, I have a system and a training school… a whole platform that is free to join that makes you money from home.

It gives me leads every day and I just send them to the system to watch a video and that makes my team money.

Are you still open to a simple way to make money online from home?

(if no…)

Ok John, that’s perfectly ok… if you change your mind in the future my system and training is free and it works from home on the internet.

I’ll send you my link in an email just in case ok?

You have a great day.

(if yes…)

Ok John that’s great.

My system is super simple because we built it so it duplicates faster and make you more money without any hassles…

The next step is just to watch our video… and it’s quick…

I’m going to email you the link to my system right now ok?

After you watch that, you’ll know the next step and you can always contact me back with any questions ok?

Great talking to you John, have a great day.


Be sure to take good notes. Remember, only about 50% of those who say they’ll watch the video actually do. So, the more relaxed and upbeat you are and less “salesy or pushy” the more people will actually follow through and watch the video in your funnel system.


Subject: John, we just spoke on the phone…

Message: Hi John,

Here’s the link to watch the video about my online system:


Watch the video, write down any questions and I can connect with you to help you start creating cash here.

I can review our proven 90 Day game plan to $1,000 or more per month.

Talk soon,



Hi John, this is Charles. I’m calling from Bermuda.

The reason for my call is important and fast…
My online system creates lists for me every day of people
who are involved or were involved at some time in
making money from home or making money online…

And your name was in today’s list.

I’m looking for people to give my system to that are
open to a simple way to make money from home online.

You can review my automated system at this link:

If you have any questions simply contact me and
I can help you personally.

It’s a simple automated system that’s free to join and we use it
to make a full time income on a part time effort from home.

Enjoy the free info and I’ll talk to you soon.

All my contact info is on that link above.


Hey JOHN, here’s that free automated system we use to make full time cash on a part time effort: YOUR LINK HERE

It’s simple and fast and makes full time income. Let me know if any questions… CHARLES


If you’re going to contact the leads use the above scripts as guides and be sure to call, voicemail, email and even text your leads.

The more the better.

You can simply send them to your site and ask them to watch the video.

Follow up with them and simply ask them:


Did you watch the video and review the system?

What did you like best about the video and system?

How soon can you see yourself making $5000 a month in our club?

Remember, the club is free to join and you can spend as much time in our free Duplication School learning before you become a paid member… I can help you get started earning asap…

are you ready now?


What you want is for your prospect to watch a video and then ask you questions.

Then, we suggest sending them to your replicated website if they want more information.

This is where our replicated pages for free training come in handy:

1. Overview page.
2. Nuts & Bolts Training page.
3. Join free page.
4. Simple Freedom Getting Started page.

And don’t be afraid to take their order and invite them to get started right then and there after their video review.

That’s why we created the Club as a “free to join” program.

Do not trust that they will bo back to your weebsite “later” and join.

Most do not.

Take their order and offer to get them started while they are there and interested.

Remember, if someone is “open” it doesn’t matter what you get to them, a video, a recorded call, webinar etc.

If they are NOT open, then nothing will work.

So, don’t get caught up on trying to figure out which is the best tool to use.

I would email them at least once a week until they respond with a no or yes.

If you call one of the leads and they don’t answer send this email:


Subject: John, I just tried to call you

Message: Hi John,

Here’s the video to watch about our automated system.


It’s designed to create full time income on a part time effort.

Write down any questions, and contact me for help.

You’ll see how simple and fast this system is designed to be.

Talk soon,



You can also text your video to your prospects and remind them to reply with any questions.

It’s all about CONNECTING at this point and making sure they know you ARE THERE TO CONNECT if they need you.


First Text:

Hey JOHN, here’s that free automated system we use
to make full time cash on a part time effort:

It’s simple and fast and makes full time income.
Let me know if any questions… CHARLES


Hey there John, it’s Charles. Did you review the system?
It’s free to join and automated. I won’t chase you around
though so let me know if you’re interested in making
some online cash ok?


Take their temperature:

So John, let me ask you this so I don’t waste any of your time…

On a scale of 1 to 10… what is your interest level in using this
system to create cash flow…. 1 being not interested at all…

…and 10 being you’re ready to join and get started now.

Where are you at right now on that scale?

If 7 or higher…

“Great John, sounds like you’re ready to get started. Have you created a free account yet? Go ahead and create a free account and then go to this link which is where all your “getting started” training is at:

If you have any questions through that process just let me know and I can guide you in.”

If 6 or below…

“Ah ok John, sounds like my system is not a good fit for you yet…

Is there anything I can share with you that will help raise you to a #7 or above?

If not….

Ok then John, no worries… we’re here for the long haul so hold on to my link and phone number and if your situation ever changes and you want to take another look, just let me know ok?”


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How much of this home business stuff have you experimented with?

2. Have you ever owned or run your own business before?

3. What made you start looking and researching now?

4. What do you currently do now for a living?

5. What days of the week and how many hours a week can you invest in building your business?

6. Will there be anyone helping you or will you be going it all alone.

7. What are some of your strengths that can help you in this kind of business?

8. Have you ever been in sales or marketing before?

9. How long have you wanted to be in your own business?

10. Did you grow up in an entrepreneurial family?

11. What do you think some of your weaknesses are?

12. Are there any specific industries you’re most passionate about?

13. Would you prefer to do business over the phone, and the internet or in person?

14. How hard are you willing to work to build your business?

15. How many hours a week can you realistically book to build your business?

16. How much start up capital are you positioned to invest in your business?

17. How much money would you like to make your first year?

18. How quickly are you looking to replace your income?

19. Do you have support at home or with your family and friends?

20. Are you willing to work at least 30-90 days before you turn a profit?

CLOSING TIPS: How to Close Your Prospects

The mindset of a closer:

1. It’s a natural byproduct of following up with prospects.

2. Exposure to exposure is your job.

3. Goal is education and understanding of and to your prospects.

4. You need consistency and calm confidence control of the process.

5. You need to ask good questions and always invite them to get started free.

Here’s how the professional approaches “closing”

1. They are emotionally detached from the outcome.

2. Their goal is education and understanding.

3. They are extremely assumptive and shocked that someone wouldn’t want to join.

4. Most amateurs are apologizing and don’t realize it.

5.They know people are joining with “them” and they take pride in that.

6. They are always prepared. They know their website and system.

After your prospect sees your information an amateur says:

“What did you think?”

Professionals ask leading questions that invoke positive responses:

1. Did it make sense to you?

2. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

3. What did you like best about what you saw?

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no interest at all and 10 being you’re ready to get started right away, where are you?

5. Anything over a 1 is good.

Take on the energy and act like a consultant or a coach and not a salesperson.

Focus on helping them solve their problem.

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