Power Lead System Sales Funnel Setup

Power Lead System Sales Funnel Setup

Watch this:  fwsvideo.joincharlestoday.com/


  1. Login to back office at: www.MyCompanyAdmin.com
  2. Domain Name: Buy domain name inside back office.
  3. Share Code Install: Install the share code into your back office.
  4. Manage Website: Click to “manage website” for your new domain name.
  5. Forever Wealth System: Click to select this funnel.
  6. Get Traffic! You’re now ready to get traffic here.

Setup Your Follow Up Pages

Your Main Follow Up Pages: These are links you can create to direct people to the pages in your follow up process…

  1. Sales Video Page: http://fwsvideo.joincharlestoday.com/
  2. Hangout Page: http://hangout.joincharlestoday.com/
  3. Training Page: http://training.joincharlestoday.com/
  4. Lead Lightning Funnel: http://www.joincharlestoday.com/
  5. Free Lead System Funnel: http://www.charlesleadsystem.com/

The Process:

  1. Create subdomain.
  2. In “Manage Websites” section link subdomain to desired page/funnel.