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BEGINNERS LEAD LIGHTNING SETUP: How to Setup Your Lead Lightning Marketing System to Promote into Your Primary Program



As far as the funnels in Power Lead System here is how they work:

1. Free Lead System is free to use and builds your list when you “give away a marketing system” in ads or as you network online with other affiliate marketers.

The upgrade to that is Lead Lightning which is offers in its back office as you can see in your own back office.

2. Lead Lightning is the $7 funnel that pays you $6 per sale. Similar to Free Lead System but this one is monetized with it’s pricepoint and $6 per sale commissions.

It offers the upgrade to Gold Member in its back office.

3. Gold Member Power Lead System is the monthly $53 per month funnel creation system. Pays $20 per member per month and team overrides for nice monthly subscription income.

This is the level where we can create funnels or pages and SHARE CODE them with our other members.

So to have the different share coded pages and funnels, you need to be a Gold Member in PLS.

How to Setup Your Lead Lightning Funnel inside Power Lead System FOR PLS GOLD MEMBERS ONLY!

Create SubDomain * Link to Lead Lightning * Link Email Campaign

It’s really simple to start using the $7 Lead Lightning offer.

Go through it yourself if you haven’t already done so here.

It’s a $7 offer and gives customers a completely ready lead creation marketing system they can use to collect leads online.

It’s a one time $7 and it pays you, the affiliate $6 per sale, straight up.

No hassles. It’s that straight forward.


Inside the system when customers login and use it, they’ll see other options and offers from Power Lead System and if they choose to buy other offers and upgrade, then you earn more commissions on the back end.

So basically, it’s a great stand alone “trip wire” product that sells everything else in Power Lead System for you on the back end.

How to Setup Your Lead Lightning Funnel if You’re a PLS Gold Member:

  1. Create subdomain. I use http://videoeasyonlinesystem.joincharlestoday.com/ as one.
  2. Link subdomain to Lead Lightning capture page you want.
  3. Select Video Sales Page you want.
  4. Select Email Campaign you want for follow ups.

You’re done.

Now go market, promote, advertise and get traffic to that page, create leads and earn those commission.

Online marketing should be very simple so the masses can do it.

That’s exactly what we focus on here on the Team.


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