Email New Optin

ATTENTION NEWBIES: It’s so important (and powerful) to go above and beyond when you’re new. Your advantage is that you have time to provide better service and value to your prospects.

Experienced people get overwhelmed and must automate so much that they slip in providing a personal touch so many times. This is your advantage.

As you get optins and begin to build your list, send a PERSONAL EMAIL to them to let them know you’re there, and real, and available. Point them to your contact information and back to your “simple system that does all the hard work” and ask them to let you know if they have any questions. That’s it. Keep it THAT simple.

They will then see how simple the “system” is.

Here is a manual email I send to all optins (when I have the time):


Subject Line:

Hi, welcome to Simple Freedom Club – any questions?

Email Body:

Hi there my friend!

Saw you checking out my Simple Freedom Club.

It’s a super simple system.

If you have any questions, let me know ok?

Talk soon,


c: 786.460.2688

This video makes you money:


Obviously just replace my info with yours.

I keep this VERY GENERIC so that it’s easy to SAVE IT on my DESKTOP so it’s super easy to COPY & PASTE it as I see opt ins come in.

Remember, the big money here is in DUPLICATION.

I use COPYCAT MARKETING strategies to just get DUPLICATION of THE SYSTEM flowing.

Show them by your actions that this is a simple process of getting to the information, watching the presentation and copycat marketing to cash flow.