How To Create $500 Days Online Without The Drama

How to Create $500 Days Online without the Drama

It doesn’t have to be complicated online.

We simplify internet marketing.

Free internet marketing training.
Setup your affiliate marketing funnel.
Get traffic.
Get results.

Leveraged Affiliate Marketing is what we specialize in. It’s internet marketing, without the drama


Here’s the scenario…

  1. You own Simple Freedom Club for a one time $35 for $25 commissions inside a 1UP plan.
  2. You don’t have a capture page.
  3. You have a tight budget.
  4. You want to start small and scale big.
  5. You prefer not having a monthly fee for tools to start.


  1. Get Free Lead System Forever today.
  2. Now you have a lead capture page.
  3. Now you have a full marketing system.
  4. Now you have fully automated emails selling for you.
  5. Now you promote the FLS offer on social media.
  6. Now you advertise (cheaply) and give away the FLS.
  7. Now you start collecting leads.
  8. Now your leads see your ‘primary’ (Simple Freedom Club) offer.
  9. Now you also generate more $25 commissions on the $35 offer.
  10. Now you have a full marketing system selling Simple Freedom Club.
  11. Your lead capture page system is completely free.

Now you grow:

  1. Now you have commissions in hand from Simple Freedom Club sales.
  2. Now you upgrade to Lead Lightning as well.
  3. Now you also start receiving another $6 per $7 sale.
  4. Now you’re happy as can be and you’re dancing a jig.
  5. Now you think even bigger.
  6. Now you add PLS Gold Membership and offer it to your team too.
  7. Now you pay for it with pure profits from Simple Freedom Club and LL sales.
  8. Now you’re playing smart and growing big.
  9. Now you’re a full Gold Member in Power Lead System…
  10. And you did it with “OPM” other people’s money.
  11. Man, you’re smart!
  12. Now you’re receiving the big monthly residuals…
  13. Now you have more cash and you upgrade to everything.
  14. Now you’re making the $100 and $400 sales from PLS.
  15. That’s how you use VISION to build an EMPIRE in your underwear.
  16. And it all starts with getting Free Lead System Forever today.

Review the Lead Lightning Funnel here:

Review the Power Lead System Comp Plan Funnel Here:

Review Power Lead System (product angle) Here:

I love Power Lead System because you get every angle, every price point and every funnel already created for you. It’s great for new people who are sick and tired of being overwhelmed and confused by the “gurus” and the complicated, cluster-filled, confusing “systems” out there.

You get everything you need – neatly – smartly, under one umbrella and you get our Simple Freedom mentorship, community and training to help you learn how to feed it.

This is smart affiliate marketing for today’s fast-paced, confusing world.

Simple Freedom Traffic: Once your marketing system is setup and you’re ready to collect leads, all you need to do is send traffic to your offer. What’s better than having a fully “done-for-you” source that sends targeted traffic to your lead capture page? How about getting paid to generate paid trafficby owning your own fully automated Traffic Agency: Click here to review how to start your own Traffic Brokerage Agency.

Daily Digital Club Marketing System

NEW FUNNEL REVIEW: Daily Digital Club Marketing System

Daily Digital Club  member to member program is live.

Here’s a powerful, but simple two-page marketing funnel you can create to promote the Daily Digital Club.

I like it because it includes both high tech (automation and leverage) along with high touch (personal connection and service) at the same time, built right into the two pages.

Page one is a very direct lead capture page. It’s sole job is to collect leads for you and build your email list so you can follow up and connect with your prospects.

Page two is a personalized “intro” or “bridge” page with a video that sets the stage for your main offer by connecting the prospect to you, personally, delivering high levels of customer attention and passes your direct contact information to your prospects to make it easy and convenient for them to connect with you to get any of their questions answered.

The buttons on the second page direct your prospect to your  to your main video sales page of the Daily Digital Club offer.

Everything a serious prospect needs to get fully informed and to directly connect to you is on that second page and in the main presentation which is only 7 minutes.

A simple two-page information delivery funnel like this is a powerful sales closer when you back it up with effective follow up technique, which we teach inside our affiliate marketing school. This specific funnel was created using the Power Lead System.

RED PILL: Relationship Reality School “I Want My Husband Back I’m Sorry”

RED PILL: Relationship Reality School “I Want My Husband Back, I’m Sorry”

Red Pills come in all flavors, topics and realities of life.

Relationship Red Pills are some of the most valuable to learn from, although they are THE HARDEST to ever swallow and accept.

SIX (6) MONTHS LATER: “Divorcing my husband was a HUGE mistake…”

It was the typical story.

She got bored.

She started thinking she was better than him.

In her own words from the video…

“In my case there was no abuse.

We were together for eight (8) years, that were mostly good and we have 4 kids.

Right around 5 years I got a promotion at work, and I got it in my head that my ex husband was “dragging me down.”

Or at least holding me back from more success and a “better life.”

I started working longer hours, and at the same time, his hours were cut, so he was at home more.

I really began to look down at him.

I really began to resent him because he was home more and he got to spend more time with our kids.

Most nights when I got home they were already getting ready for bed.

After a few months of me working longer hours it was clear to me that things were not going right at home.

Some nights the dishes weren’t all done when I got home.

Or the kids hadn’t eaten, or whatever else I could think of to be mad at him about.

It really didn’t matter.

He kept saying that he would try harder but that it was hard being home all the time.

That always made me really mad.

For the next couple years things kept getting worse.

I knew that I could bother him by always asking him to do more and acting unhappy.

I really started to resent him and I began to pull away from him.

I knew that it was hurting him but I didn’t care.

If he didn’t want to be hurt, then he could at least try to make me happy.

I used that same thing to justify when I started to talk to another guy at work.

I thought that he was just a friend, but talking at work turned into texting at home and then pictures and videos.

And then trying to sneak some alone time with him.

I knew that it was wrong but it made me feel so alive.

And my husband had not made me feel like that in years.

The worst was the time that I came home at a reasonable time and found that he had cleaned the whole house, cooked the whole family dinner and picked out a movie for us all to watch together.

This would have made me so happy a couple years ago, but that night I couldn’t even look at him.

I pretended I was sick.

I spent the rest of the night in bed while he waited on me and checked on me and even made me different food and brought to me in bed and that made me feel terrible.

And then it made me angry that he had made me feel that way.

By the end of the night I was texting with another guy.

Over the next month or two from that night it did not matter what he did.

He was wrong just for breathing most days.

He would get so upset with how I was treating him and I would just wait and keep it going until he was losing it because I knew it would happen eventually.

After most of the fights we had, he would apologize for whatever I told him he did wrong, if there even was something, but I never did.

I would usually find a way to make him feel even worse.

I knew that I was right because he was wrong and that was all that mattered to me.

I even pretended that I didn’t care when he found out about my relationship with the guy from work.

It really destroyed me inside to see him holding back tears, but I wasn’t going to let him see that.

He was at his weakest.

That was when I chose to tell him that I wanted a divorce.

I could almost hear his heart shattering inside his chest.

We talked and fought.

He said we could work through it together.

I really wasn’t interested in fixing our marriage but I mostly ended things with the other guy…

…but only because I knew I could get it back if I wanted it.

I could see that he was trying and occasionally I would let him know but for the most part I kept being a total bitch to him for any and all reasons that I could think of.

I’m not sure how much more the man could have done to make me happy.

It was about this time that I found this “support group” online and the more I posted how I was feeling,  the more validation I got.

I had the whole internet telling me how terrible my ex husband was and to let him go.

I started saying awful things to him, even ignoring him.

I was so confident with everyone else’s opinion that I contacted a lawyer within a couple weeks and filed for divorce.

I continued to use this site and others like it online to validate my feelings and for encouragement to go through with it and finally it was done.

And it went pretty smoothly.

My ex husband didn’t ask for much besides to not get divorced and try to work it all out.

I didn’t care about that though.

He was broken.

But I was free.

I could do whatever I wanted without having to feel any guilt or answer to anybody.

It was amazing.

An amazing feeling of freedom.

It didn’t last though.

In the first month after he moved out, I missed garbage day three times.

There was also rarely a clean dish and the laundry sat in piles for so long…

I also never saw my kids more miserable.

My oldest had seen some of the messages from the other guy months earlier and she knew that my ex husband still wanted to try and work it out.

It didn’t take her long to stop talking to me at all except to say she wanted to go to my ex husband’s house.

My other kids all told me that they wanted to live with my ex husband too.

I did my best to try and make them happy but I ended up just buying them toys all the time.

And happiness only lasted minutes.

I also was having a lot of trouble with work because being alone, I couldn’t work those extended hours.

I finally gave in and started calling my ex husband to watch the kids.

He would always come over as soon as he could and he would always ask me if I needed anything.

When I would get home, I would find clean dishes and laundry and even dinner sometimes.

He would never say too much after I got home.

He would just say to call him if I needed anything and he would leave.

One night he took out the garbage and brought it to the curb because it was garbage night and I forgot again.

He always looked so sad when it was time to go.

Finally, after a couple months my friends convinced me to go out on a date.

It was for dinner and a movie and I was excited and hopeful.

But at dinner I started getting a feeling of overwhelming guilt.

It got so bad that ended up not going to the movie.

A week and about a million tears later I was on a therapist’s couch and I had told her everything that had happened.

As much as I tried to explain to her how I thought what I did was right, she never agreed and told me what I had done was wrong.

After about $2,000 of therapy I found out that although my ex husband had his faults, I found out mine were so much worse.

I did so many awful things that I wouldn’t want to be with me, but he did still want to be with me.

I still remember him asking me, with the lawyer, in the meeting to please not go through with the divorce, but I did go through with it.

And then later, I bragged online about how great it felt.

I was so wrong.

And now I could see it.

A couple weeks ago I went outside with him when he was leaving the house, and I was asking him about getting back together.

And he looked at me and his eyes were full of tears and a couple went down his cheek.

He told me that he didn’t know if he could.

He said that the pain has been too much for too long.

And that if we were to get back together that I might just turn around and do it to him again.

He said that he always thought that I would realize how much he loved me.

He said that that hurt him more than anything else, and that he doesn’t know if he could ever trust me again.

I destroyed a man that looking back, was a great husband.

I deprived my kids of having a great father in the house.

And I took his kids away from him, and away from me.

The one who pushed for the divorce expecting happiness and a life of freedom, spend all my free time sitting at home or sitting on the therapist couch.

Please don’t take anyone else’s advice about getting a divorce.

If your marriage is bad, look at yourself first and see if you can make changes.

Getting divorced is not fun.

Being divorced is not fun.

And seeing your husband broken and your children never happy because of your actions is the most painful experience that I can imagine.

I wish all of you well and hope that you would give your marriages a second chance.

SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB: Red Pill Knowledge and Create Your Own Cash Flow Independence

Multiple Streams of Peace, Quiet and Freedom Promoting Just One Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Multiple Streams of Peace, Quiet and Freedom Promoting Just One Affiliate Marketing Training Platform?

MULTIPLE STREAMS of Peace, Quiet and Freedom Promoting ONE Red Pill Content Training Platform?

1. Join Simple Freedom Club even as a free member.
2. Get inside the FREEDOM VAULT in the club house.
3. Click on CORE PROGRAMS.
4. Click on TEXT BOT (or any of them; they’re all bada$$)

Review funnel.
Buy the thing.
Get affiliate link.


Multiple $treams promoting into Simple Freedom Club.


Keep it simple.

You and I both know we have to keep $hit as simple as possible or we mess up and break it anyway lol…

…so, let’s stack some cash, stay in shape, do fun stuff and get badass toys.

FOCUS ON PURPOSE: Build the Best Version of You

Stack cash: As much as you can as fast as you can.
Stay in shape: Body & Mind. Life heavy. Get fit. Eat right.
Do fun stuff: Interests. Passions. Hobbies. Stop simping. No beta crap.
Get badass toys: Fuel the soul. Motorcycles. Craft Trades. Hot Rods. Grilling.

Simple Freedom Lifestyle.

Discipline: Manage, ignore, obliterate, ghost – all distractions.


Simple Freedom Club Overview

WEBINAR: Simple Freedom Club Overview

Simple Freedom Club was created to be a simple affiliate marketing school and cash flow program.

The 3 Core Activities:

Slam Traffic

Close Sales

Stack Cash

The ONE Mission: Cash Flow Independence

Red Pill Content + Automated Systems + Simple Strategies

People are walking away from the failed blue pill world daily.

They’re tired of the scam the “system” has become in all areas of life.

They’re choosing to go their own way and simplify life.





You have to keep this stuff as simple as possible so others can duplicate and win.

Cash Flow creation is one of the key requirements to living your own life. Without the ability to command and control the way you generate cash flow, you will always be answering to someone else and their agenda will influence your life.

Learn to create your own cash flow.

This takes learning new skills.

And learning new skills always takes leveling up your mindset and attitude.

Always start and finish with focusing on yourself.

Nobody will ever care about your life more than you will.

BUILD A NEW YOU: Focus on Rebuilding Yourself Like a Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix: A Story of Transformation. Gets Broken. Finishes Destroying Itself and Rises Stronger From The Ashes of It’s Own Destruction

Focus on your mindset.

Focus on your attitude.

Focus on your health and fitness.

Focus on your skill sets.

Focus on your pupose.

Focus on your cash flow.

If you focus on those core areas you can not help but to attract good, high quality things into your life.

Simple Freedom Philosophy: Broken. Rebuilt. Risen. Unstoppable. Self Made.

Life can (and most likely will) break you. Things outside your total control can break you: defeat you. But instead of staying in that state forever lost and defeated, or trying to “fake it till you make it” and live a miserable life of submission to what broke you and “playing along to get along,” what is more helpful is to use your total destruction to your advantage.

Feel everything.


Pay attention: to everything that happened.

Learn from every single thing you thought you knew, but were completely wrong about.

Experience every level of being broken.


Rebuild yourself from nothing.

Envision the new you that you desire.

You have nothing else to lose when you have already lost it all and are back to a completely new canvass.

Decide to take control of your rebuild and rebuild to suit.

A custom new you.

You will be smarter; wiser; stronger; clearer; and forged by the most valuable material in life: experience, pain and understanding.

Completely rebuild yourself.







There are no limits and now you’re building someone from scratch that knows exactly (RED PILL KNOWLEDGE) how everything truly works and what you want.

Simple Freedom philosophy is unstoppable.

NICE GUYS GET SAVAGED: Blue Pill Beta “Good Guys” Get Ran Through and Destroyed by Today’s Anti-Man Blue Pill Society

Taking the red pill isn’t easy.

But your life depends on it. You must “red pill” yourself in all areas of life so that you can see people, society and the world around you as it truly is and not how it is presented and projected to you.

You have been conditioned to perform like a domesticated society slave and mule all your life.

This was not an accident.

You have been groomed into societal slavery. Just look around at how you were “educated” (indoctrinated) and how you are positioned, projected and perceived in culture and society these days.

You’re positioned as the fool.

The “nice guy” (who gets used and played) who does all the good, expected things, follows all the rules, gets told he wins inside hollywood’s movies but in real life gets savaged and replaced like a tool; and pays for all of it.

Everything around you is designed to make you think being the slave is “noble” and it’s the what is wanted from you.

If you ever so lightly question this “normal” you get immediately rebuked, shamed and laughed at and directed to conform.

They label you with “toxic masculinity” as a way to normalize emasculating and domesticating you.

This is all a lie.

ESCAPE THE BLUE PILL PLANTATION: Focus on improving yourself and creating a life of independence.

Cash Flow Independence: Living Life On Your Terms.

Losing focus and being distracted chasing any other superficial, low quality thing in life or working like a stupid, beta slave, blue pill simp weakling to please others around you (who you can never please enough anyway) will only lead to you being disrespected, manipulated, played and tossed out like an old bag of garbage at the end, anyway.

Corporations and employers will continue to play you, manipulate you and work you in a never ending circle of nonsense. You will stay and remain always overworked and underpaid and not appreciated.

And in the end, they will always play you.

There is no loyalty to you anymore.

You are always easily replaced.

They will always replace you with younger, dumber and cheaper (easier) in the end because it’s always easier to pull someone new around by the nose instead of being loyal to you for your commitment and service.

Focus on you.

Improve you.

Improve your skills.

Become cash flow independent.

Become fit.

Get in the best shape of your life.

Get in the best mindset of your life.

Get red pilled; thoroughly in all areas of life.

Get command and control of your life.

And you will experience peace, quiet and freedom and a serene tranquility and healthy indifference to the drama and games around you.

You will see life different.

You will see drama different.

You will events different.

You will live inside a new “indifference” and a clear understanding of how people truly work and nothing will phase you anymore or knock you out of your purpose.

Like Neo “seeing” the matrix and being able to dodge bullets.

You will live inside a “knowing” and will never live through life being played like a fool.

It brings a peace of mind into your daily routine.

You’ll be able to minimalize your life.

You just won’t need so much clutter and nonsense.

You will simplify for the joy and peace it brings.

You will save money; fast, because you won’t be spending it on stupid, meaningless, impulsive shit every day.

You will find opportunities to stack cash, invest and not spend; a new and fun “game” to play daily.

You will find tons of free time to get toys and enjoy them.

Hobbies, passions, interests: you will invite and enjoy more.

When you’re living your best life being  and becoming your best self you will find yourself not needing much, not codependent, not chasing anything and worrying a lot less about things you would freak out about before.

Simple Freedom Lifestyle is about way more than money.

It’s about simple freedom itself.

A holistic approach to living a badass life of peace, quiet and freedom.

SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB: The Free Agent Lifestyle. It all starts here…

How To Create Your Own Cash Flow

STEP BY STEP TOUR: Simple Freedom Club Review.

Get a  close up look at how the “home business” arena has been duped for years; and how to simplify everything to create your own cash flow.

Create your free account at the Simple Freedom Club here.

Starting and building an online side hustle business should not be difficult.

But for most, it is.

They over complicate the entire process.

That’s the blue pill world for you though.

They complicate everything  and turn you into a docile slave.

If you truly want to go your own way, part of the secret is that you have to focus on simplifying EVERYTHING.

I mean, every single area of your life needs to be broken down to its most simple basic foundations and rebuilt from there.

Part of that includes figuring out a consistent and sustainable way to create your own work…

…so that you never have to beg anyone else for work.

This gets you cash flow independent.

And if you overcomplicate this part, you’re screwed.

I learned that the hard way.

It’s counterintuitive too because most people, when you present them with a simplified way to make full time cash flow from their own smart phones, or online or “from home” they love the idea at first but then they immediately try to complicate every part of it.

Can’t save them all.

A few actually get the elegance and sexiness about keeping stuff simple and being able to work a system that creates full time piles of cash on a part time effort: like sharing or posting or creating simple “Red Pill” content online and on social media networks to attract the eyes of other red pillers living in the blue pill world.

Like Morpheus, Neo and Trinity did.

We do a similar thing here.

Anyway, look…

If you’re truly serious about creating cash flow independence, going your own way, living on your own terms and living that #FreeAgentLifestyle then just listen to or watch this video, create your free account at Simple Freedom Club, be patient with yourself, learn a couple new skills and take action.

This stuff works.

And it works faster and better if you force yourself to just keep it simple.

Setup a simple system (funnel).

Get traffic to it.

Plug people into this training.

Receive cash.

I train and scale your affiliate team.

They make money.

You make full time stacks of passive income too from that.

It all starts here.

Then subscribe to my training channel here.

And listen to my podcast here.

Any questions, let me know.

Plug into our “Red Pill” content and training and you’ll never be able to unsee these truths about how to really make your own money online.

More info and daily red pills here:


How To Generate Free Leads And Signups To Your Business

NEW FUNNEL RELEASE: How To Generate Free Leads And Signups To Your Business

Click the button to review it and grab it.

Get some traffic.

Plug into our training.

No brainer.

Imagine having access to a ‘SECRET’ software and system that will force 100’s or even 1,000’s of people to build your email list for you 100% FREE! And also how to generate $1,000’s in passive commissions without any additional effort!

Inside this free video training you’ll learn…

* A very simple strategy to leverage your list building.
* How to automate the process using the secret software.
* How to activate the system and start adding 1,000’s of leads to your list.
* How to generate passive full-time income without any additional effort.
* And much more…

Get Free Access Today…

How To Get Six Pack Abs In 22 Days Athleanx

Get Six Pack Abs in 22 Days Athleanx

If you want to get a 6 pack at home and are not sure what home ab workout to do, give this one a try.

This workout is designed to do two things in just 22 days.

The first is help you to develop stronger abs by training them the way they should be.

No ab function is left out as you work your way from your lower abs to your upper abs to your obliques.

The next most important element however is that research has shown that 22 days is the time period within one must stay consistent with something in order to turn it into a habit.

If you can stick to this 6 exercise home ab workout for just three weeks, you will start to see changes to your lifestyle and your approach to working out that could stick with you for the rest of your life.

It is this element that makes this a plan that even someone that is at a much higher body fat percentage, something that they will want to invest the time in doing. While the six pack abs may not be completely visible by the time this is over in just 22 days, it is the habits that will be formed that could carry over and be the true game changer.

That said, do be sure that while you are committing to putting in the effort on this workout that you don’t undervalue the role of nutrition to getting to where you want to be. I’ve said so many times that the most important element of getting ripped is having a good nutrition plan.

You simply cannot out train a bad diet.

You need to eat healthy, while still enjoying the foods that you eat, if you want to get your body fat levels down low enough to see your abs.

The good news is that your body fat levels do not have to be nearly as low as you may have thought they needed to be in order to get a six pack. Some can see even the outline of a complete set of abs at body fat levels in the mid teens.

That said, here is how this extinction style ab workout breaks down.

There are 6 total ab exercises in this routine.

They start with lower ab movements and progress through midrange and oblique exercises, ending with top down movements at the end to predominantly influence your upper ab fibers.

The key to getting six pack abs is that you perform them for the given rep or time range.

If you can successfully complete the range for a given exercise, simply wait 10 seconds and go again.

Keep repeating the range until you cannot get all the reps or time prescribed.

At this point, you will have reached extinction.

From here, you would move onto the next exercise in the workout and complete it in the same manner.

The exercises are as follows:

W Raises x 5 reps (lower abs)
Black Widow Knee Slides x 45 seconds (bottom up rotation)
Butterfly Sit-ups x 10 reps (midrange)
Seated Corkscrews x 45 seconds (obliques)
Levitation Crunches x 10 reps (upper abs)
Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts x 5 reps each side (top down rotation)

This entire circuit is to be performed just one time through, however remember that you may be repeating individual exercises multiple times if you are able to complete all of the prescribed reps or time.

In this case again, you would rest 10 seconds and repeat the exercise until you couldn’t finish what was prescribed.

This is a killer but it is an ab workout that everyone can do, regardless of what body fat level or ability level you are at right now.

If you are looking for a complete bodyweight workout program that doesn’t require any equipment at all, be sure to head to and check out the ATHLEAN XERO program.

No bands, benches, bars or weights are needed to build a ripped athletic body.

For more ab workouts to get a 6 pack, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and try some of the follow along ab workouts.

Don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

Build Muscle with No Equipment
Subscribe to this channel here

Join Simple Freedom Club Free Here!

How To Celebrate Star Wars Day May The 4th Be With You

STAR WARS DAY: How To Celebrate May The 4th Be With

Happy Star Wars Day! Celebrate #MayThe4th

Star Wars Day is upon us again.

The annual celebration of all things Star Wars is probably old hat to you by now. But maybe you’re looking to change things up this year to make this Star Wars Day one to remember.

Just in case you’re in need of some inspiration, we have compiled a list of fun ways you can celebrate your love of a galaxy far, far away.

Watch All the Star Wars Movies, again

You can’t celebrate Star Wars Day without watching at least one of the movies.

While this idea is sort of a no-brainer, there may be no better way to celebrate your love of Star Wars than by revisiting all the movies that have made this sci-fi series so beloved by fans.

How to watch the Star Wars movies in order

The Star Wars saga kicked off with Episode IV, then got a prequel trilogy before getting a sequel trilogy, so the storyline is inherently out of order. Chronological order lets you see Star Wars’ characters evolve in real time, including Anakin Skywalker’s journey from bright-eyed boy to troubled warrior and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s transformation from reluctant apprentice to sage Jedi runaway. If you’d prefer to see the Skywalker Saga from its chronological beginnings, here are the Star Wars movies in order of chronological events.

  • Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
  • Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (1977)
  • Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi (1983)
  • Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens (2015)
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII —The Last Jedi (2017)
  • Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Star Wars movies in order of release date

If you want to experience the Star Wars movies as they came out, release order is the way to go. I’d personally recommend this order for new fans, as you get to witness the natural evolution of the Star Wars saga complete with all of its ups and downs. From the classic 80s sci-fi of the original trilogy, to the messy CGI and questionable acting of the prequels, to the modern glory of The Force Awakens and its divisive sequel, here’s every Star Wars movie in order of release:

  • Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (1977)
  • Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi (1983)
  • Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens (2015)
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII —The Last Jedi (2017)
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
  • Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

How To Generate Online Income Selling Other Peoples Products

The Newbie Friendly Blueprint: Generate Online Income Selling Other Peoples Products


In this free video training you’ll learn a realistic way to start building a residual monthly income online only by selling offers created by other people as an affiliate.

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