How To Get Paid Daily By Collecting Emails

CASH FLOW HACKING: How to Get Paid Daily by Collecting Emails

Far too many people over complicate this stuff. It’s not their fault. They’re led by “gooroos” who have a financial incentive to make things extremely complicated and “ego brand” based.

I’ve made consistent money online in the affiliate marketing space by doing the exact opposite that most people teach. I keep it simple. Brutally simple. And it works. Here’s how I do it…

TIP: First, you have to visualize the whole process in your mind and understand it. Once you know how you’re directing people through a marketing process, you can more easily focus on the beginning steps to:

1. Get in.
2. Get a funnel.
3. Get traffic.
4. Get emails.
5. Get sales.
6. Get paid.

Then when they see how this process works, people decide to “GET ALL IN” and GET MORE MONEY.”

It’s so simple, some people love to hate it. They hate that it’s this simple and they seek out more training. Training after training after training and they hop into umpteen different deals not knowing how to build one of them, because they figure there has to be something else to this.

They overcomplicate.

Then they fail.

Too bad.

I don’t.

And I sell different deals all the time. I keep them all simple. Like owning your own “Home Depot” with a lot of different products on the shelves. I’m not “married” to any one product but I offer my market what they’re looking for: Good products, and good offers that are simple and that sell well.

My programs are on my shelf here on my blog. They see them. They find one (or two) they like and they buy them. Then they plug into our marketing training and learn to do what I do. Sell them.

I choose to keep this simple.


Because most buyers prefer simple.

Once they “get it” and they realize what I’m doing, I’m doing on purpose, they love it.

I keep it simple: ON PURPOSE.


Why not?

Why not get money online precisely by keeping it simple?

Sounded good to me.

If you’re ready to keep stuff simple, just join me here.

Use this funnel.

Get this traffic.

Plug into this training.

And let’s get you money.


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