Free Lead Generation System

Power Lead System: Free Lead System Forever Funnel Review


Build Your Email List Giving Away a Complete Lead Generation Marketing System

Review the Free Lead System Forever marketing funnel here:


Build your email list and start creating affiliate marketing commissions and back end marketing funnel sales by giving away a complete marketing system on the front end.

Created by Power Lead System, the “Free Lead System Forever” funnel is a complete marketing system that includes multiple lead capture pages, a full follow up email letter campaign and a professional video sales page that closes enrollments.

Now you can take advantage of high converting traffic strategies like email solo ads, and autopilot traffic sources. You now have a capture page and full follow up system to convert that traffic to leads and sales. And it’s free.

Free Lead System Forever: How it Works…

Use as a Front End Funnel or Stand Alone Offer to Sell Any Program You Want

The system can be setup to be a ‘stand-alone’ free lead capture page system people can use to promote and sell any offer they want – built-in to the system’s follow up emails, sales video presentation page and also in its ‘back office.’

It can also be used as a way to have a high value, free offer to build your email list and allow it to convert into “Lead Lightning” upgrade sales on the back end that create $6 commissions on every $7 sale for you.

From there, every customer and affiliate who upgrades to Lead Lightning will also receive access to the Power Lead System Silver and Gold membership offers which generate $15/mth per referral and $20/mth per referral recurring passive monthly cash flow commissions.

Once your customers and affiliates upgrade to the Silver or Gold membership levels, their back office begins to show them the Diamond and Platinum upgrade levels which create $100 and $400 direct and passup commissions to you, in addition to the $25 and $50 overrides  and accelerated leverage passups that are created in the PLS comp plan as your affiliate team makes sales too.


Free Lead System Forever. A completely free marketing system which creates leads that step into a smart marketing process that end up turning those free leads into buyers of every other offer inside of Power Lead System; done-for-you. Nothing to design, program, code or build. Ready now. Just add traffic and start converting leads. The system then converts leads into sales and you start receiving multiple income streams from one intelligent marketing system.

This is real (smart) affiliate marketing for 2020.

Simple Freedom Club Affiliates (or any affiliate marketers) Pay Attention Here




Simple Freedom Club online community and affiliate marketing program is live.

It’s a cash flow vehicle and nice converting offer for existing affiliate marketers that pays $25 on every $35 sale without any monthly fees.

It’s also a full affiliate marketing school inside for beginner affiliate marketers.

Review the whole funnel. Join the community. Check out the training. Hang out with the Simple Freedom family and learn how to make some money online.



Here’s the scenario…

  1. You own Simple Freedom Club for a one time $35 for $25 commissions inside a 1UP plan.
  2. You don’t have a capture page.
  3. You have a tight budget.
  4. You want to start small and scale big.
  5. You prefer not having a monthly fee for tools to start.


  1. Get Free Lead System Forever today.
  2. Now you have a lead capture page.
  3. Now you have a full marketing system.
  4. Now you have fully automated emails selling for you.
  5. Now you promote the FLS offer on social media.
  6. Now you advertise (cheaply) and give away the FLS.
  7. Now you start collecting leads.
  8. Now your leads see your ‘primary’ (Simple Freedom Club) offer.
  9. Now you also generate more $25 commissions on the $35 offer.
  10. Now you have a full marketing system selling Simple Freedom Club.
  11. Your lead capture page system is completely free.

Now you grow:

  1. Now you have commissions in hand from Simple Freedom Club sales.
  2. Now you upgrade to Lead Lightning as well.
  3. Now you also start receiving another $6 per $7 sale.
  4. Now you’re happy as can be and you’re dancing a jig.
  5. Now you think even bigger.
  6. Now you add PLS Gold Membership and offer it to your team too.
  7. Now you pay for it with pure profits from Simple Freedom Club and LL sales.
  8. Now you’re playing smart and growing big.
  9. Now you’re a full Gold Member in Power Lead System…
  10. And you did it with “OPM” other people’s money.
  11. Man, you’re smart!
  12. Now you’re receiving the big monthly residuals…
  13. Now you have more cash and you upgrade to everything.
  14. Now you’re making the $100 and $400 sales from PLS.
  15. That’s how you use VISION to build an EMPIRE in your underwear.
  16. And it all starts with getting Free Lead System Forever today.

Review the Lead Lightning Funnel here:

Review the Power Lead System Comp Plan Funnel Here:

Review Power Lead System (product angle) Here:

I love Power Lead System because you get every angle, every price point and every funnel already created for you. It’s great for new people who are sick and tired of being overwhelmed and confused by the “gurus” and the complicated, cluster-filled, confusing “systems” out there.

You get everything you need – neatly – smartly, under one umbrella and you get our Simple Freedom mentorship, community and training to help you learn how to feed it.

This is smart affiliate marketing for today’s fast-paced, confusing world.

Traffic: Once your marketing system is setup and you’re ready to collect leads, all you need to do is send traffic to your offer. What’s better than having a fully “done-for-you” source that sends targeted traffic to your lead capture page? How about getting paid to generate paid trafficby owning your own fully automated Traffic Agency:


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